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    canceling cc membership

    could someone please tell me how to cancel my cc membership. I would like to unjoin this site .I have tried to make friends here by adding people as a friend. But for all the people I've added as a friend I have gotten only six people that has accepted me as a friend. So I think the people on...
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    people looking to obtain new or more friends

    Hello to all on CC.I would like to see a page for people to add their name if they wanted to make new friends or obtain more friends .Then a person ,who wanted to make new friends and see at a glance members who were looking to add new people as friends.Just saying.
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    site page showing all their members

    It would be nice if cc had a section they could peruse to try and find new friends
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    Is everything here in a forum venue or are there any plain old fashioned chat rooms

    Is there just a chat room type setting here. I really don't know how a chat forum works.
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    Hi I'm D.W.or manofmen I have 4 daughters & the 2 eldest have urgent need of prayer

    Hi I'm D.W.or manofmen I have 4 daughters & the 2 eldest have urgent need of prayer My 2oldest daughters have serious depression ,bi-polar or some other form of mental incapacity we don't know where they are I just know it's 10 degrees F and they both need GOD to move in a mighty way to...
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    difficulty navigating this site

    I've been on quite a few sites of just about every subject there is but I find that cc is one of the most difficult sites to navigate and find your way through all the different subjects that are discussed here.Or maybe I'm just way to computer illiterate to be here and it's just going to take...
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    Hello ,I am D.W. trying to find out how to introduce myself

    is there anyone here that could tell me how to go about how to introduce my self I can't figure it out