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  1. EarnestQ

    Treating others with respect

    In many other threads on CC, the BDF is known as a battle zone where people are constant attacking one another. I think they observe that among many posters in the BDF there is a clear lack of respect for others. Respect is treating others at least as well as you treat yourself. Honor them no...
  2. EarnestQ

    Just a reminder about the new format ...

    The little icon that automatically appears when you save a bookmark is still the old yellow square with a cross, not the new blue globe with the cross over it.
  3. EarnestQ

    How do I unsubscribe from a thread I have posted in?

    I have stopped watching it but it still shows up in my threads with new posts. How can I keep it from showing up anymore. The old website allowed me to unsubscribe from a thread. How do I do that now, please? Thank you.
  4. EarnestQ

    Thank you ROBO-OP

    Thank you for putting all the time in to determine what software would best replace the old website software. I can't imagine how many options you had to sort through and how long it took to evaluate them all and then learn this one well enough to make the switch. I also can't guess all the...
  5. EarnestQ

    Do people weigh less in the day time as opposed to night?

    In the day time (especially when the sun is overhead), we have the sun pulling us away from the earth which should lessen our weight. In the middle of the night the sun is adding its gravity to the earth's, therefore we should weigh more at night. Does anyone know if this is true?
  6. EarnestQ

    Thank you for the update but ...

    The updated website has a nice clean feel and I almost like it a lot. I need help with one thing, though. On the old web site I was able to go to my "settings" page and see which threads I was subscribed to had been updated since I was last on. It had a tab on top that gave announcements which...
  7. EarnestQ

    Editing new comments when including a previous post.

    Hello, I have been finding it increasingly frustrating to edit my new text when I am including a previous post. Steps: Click "Reply with Quote" on any given post. In the new edit window, at the end of the quote, start typing. Press the backspace key. The following characters appear above the...
  8. EarnestQ

    CC may need more moderators

    For the last four hours someone has been spamming the BDF terribly. I think at a busy time like Saturday afternoon and evening, someone should at least be checking in regularly. I understand that you don't accept volunteer moderators and that they should be invited. Perhaps it's time to invite...
  9. EarnestQ

    Hello Admins, How can we find out more about the site hardware?

    Hello, I have been in the computer (and electronics) industry, off and on, for over forty years. If you don't mind, I am really curious about the hardware that runs the site. Do you have just one server that is connected to the internet that is connected through its own IP address. If so, what...
  10. EarnestQ

    Are the CC servers running slow today?

    For the last two hours and more (at 10:30 am EST, Tue 4-24), I have been having a lot of delays loading windows on CC. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Other web pages I load seem to be responding normally.
  11. EarnestQ

    Was Atlantis the New World?

    This might explain Plato's Atlantis, which may have been located at Lake Poopo Bolivia. {} Like New York, New York, it was both a large region and a specific city. (Did the ancient Greeks have words distinguishing the difference between island and continent?) In...
  12. EarnestQ

    Yesterday was so hot that ...

  13. EarnestQ

    Which is more important: Correct doctrine or a godly attitude toward others?

    Christian Chat (especially the BDF) is rife with heated arguments about one doctrinal point or another. Some posts are well thought out and presented respectfully. Far too many posts, however, are attacks on a previous poster's character and personality. The later responses appear to me to...
  14. EarnestQ

    Do we decide to be saved?

    I have been recently talking with a friend about whether or not one decides to be saved. His position is that we are elected to salvation and that, as such, we believe when we hear the gospel. He claims that it must be that way otherwise it becomes something we do in order to be saved. I am...
  15. EarnestQ

    How could a loving God allow this?

    Many of us look from afar at disasters, see people homeless or dead, communities, or sometimes, regions, demolished, and wonder “How could a loving God allow this?” Others, including many who are reading or hearing this sentence, have gone through overwhelmingly difficult, or even unimaginably...
  16. EarnestQ

    Complaints: I hate it when ...

    I hate it when I make a nice respectful post and someone attacks me because they didn't clearly read what I said.
  17. EarnestQ

    Can God answer any prayer: Salvation for Kim Jong-Un

    Can God save Kim Jong-Un and turn North Korea into a Christian nation? Is there anything on the world front that would be a greater testimony to God's power of redemption and salvation than to have North Korea become a Gospel loving country? Jesus said we can ask anything in His name and He...
  18. EarnestQ

    Tried to donate but could not.

    I just tried to donate $25 to CC but the web page would not let me. I got: "Email is already associated with another PayPal account" I wasn't using Paypal. I was using a credit card number. Giving money shouldn't be so difficult. If I use a different email I create yet another paypal account...
  19. EarnestQ

    Recommendations for a good study Bible?

    It's time I got a new Bible for studying. I am looking for an advanced one but not dispensational (Ryrie, Scofield, etc, which I already have). What recommendations do you have? A concordance in the back would be helpful. Thank you.