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  1. Eshet_chayil

    Prayer for healing

    Ugh, I had to call off work today because I couldn't hardly walk. My left ankle is in so much pain. I think something may be torn or it may be sprained. I'm going to urgent care at the closest hospital this morning. I've had problems with my left ankle for many years. Anywhere from plantar...
  2. Eshet_chayil

    Lets laugh together!

    Yep, autumn is almost here. Which means time for cuddles. I've got my comfy and cozy bible right near my bedside. True story..... When I was a child I used to sleep with a bible under my pillow and it worked. Kept the monsters away.
  3. Eshet_chayil

    New word?

    Most assuredly honorificabilitudinitatibus.🤣
  4. Eshet_chayil

    Share some useful quotes for your/everyone's life!

    "Love is not love which alters when an alteration finds, nor bends with the remover to remove. Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempest and is never shaken." Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare Too many people mistake love as being frivolous and never lasting. I think the world needs...
  5. Eshet_chayil

    What are you watching?

    I enjoy romantic period movies set in the times from the renaissance to the 1900s. I just finished watching a movie called "Impromptu". It's about Fredric Chopin and the french writer George Sand.
  6. Eshet_chayil

    Where is everyone from?

    There's more than corn in Indiana. There's also me.😁
  7. Eshet_chayil

    Easy Stuffed Peppers

    I don't like the taste of red meat because I once worked at a fast food hamburger restaurant for 4 years and that was pretty much all I ate, lol. After a while my tastebuds couldn't stand the taste of it anymore and it made my stomach churn to think about eating it.
  8. Eshet_chayil

    The Friend's Thread

    I enjoy music and sing very well. I also like crafting. I've been trying my hand at painting (trying to follow silly tutorials on YouTube would be more like it). I really want to try diamond dot needlepoint as well as regular needlepoint but I haven't worked up the courage. I also like...
  9. Eshet_chayil

    Easy Stuffed Peppers

    1 tbsp. canola oil 1 lb. ground turkey 1/2 large onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced kosher salt 1 package Jasmine Rice 1 c. marinara 1 1/2 c. shredded cheese, divided 4 bell peppers, tops removed Preheat oven to 375°. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, heat oil. Cook turkey until...
  10. Eshet_chayil

    What Makes a Woman "A Lady"?

    I think every Christian lady should aspire to be a proverbs 31: 10-31 woman. That to me sums up what a lady should be. As well as a few other factors. A woman should be demure, delicate yet strong willed, definitely feminine, and kind. That all spells "lady" to me.
  11. Eshet_chayil

    Lets laugh together!

    I stepped on a catfish once. NNNNOOOOO this is trauma. Lol
  12. Eshet_chayil

    Lets laugh together!

    Mine would be "have you ever had a turtle cheesecake?"
  13. Eshet_chayil

    The Friend's Thread

    I actually thought this was a thread for Quaker believers. The Quakers in Indiana call themselves "Friends". Nonetheless this is a good thread. Idk where to start though. Um....... HI! HELLO! I'm Holly and I would like to make friends with you.
  14. Eshet_chayil

    What is the single most single thing you have done this year? 2021(non singles welcome too)

    This isn't really a "single" thing to do exactly. Although one would have to be single to do it. It's more of a accomplishment in full self sufficiency. I moved over a year and a half ago and I had to do it completely on my own. I had no help from even my family. I also do not have a car or know...
  15. Eshet_chayil

    Return to Faith

    Hello my name is Holly. I'm 43 years old from Indiana USA. Writing this is extremely hard for me because I'm really not used to giving descriptions of myself. I'll try nonetheless. As a child I was extremely shy. Growing up it developed into social anxiety disorder. I've also battled depression...