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  1. GrimmBro3

    Unable to install Christian Chat App, Mac user

    Hi! I have an iMac running macOS Catalina, 10.15.5. When I try to install the newest version (also happens with the previous version of the .dmg file) of Christian Chat App, I get the following. I follow the link, but it takes me to a page on Adobe's site that says the page I'm looking for...
  2. GrimmBro3

    GrimmBro here

    Hi! GrimmBro (or just Grimm) here. Interesting fact about me - my lineage includes the family of the Grimm Brothers on one side, and George Macdonald on the other! That must explain my propensity for the written word. I'm planning to attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to get my M.Div...