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  1. SalomePortman

    One of my supervisors is rude, obnoxious and miserable. Could we all pray that he finds peace in his heart?

    He is rude, shoves his colleagues, barks at people and has no manners at all. Nobody at work likes him, and I fear he is pushing people too far and that something bad might befall him. I invite you in joining me in prayer that he may find some joy in his life and that others will forgive him and...
  2. SalomePortman

    Who is Mary Magdalene?

  3. SalomePortman

    Does Henrietta Lacks deserve having a statue erected of her in Bristol, England?

    She was an American who died in 1951 of cancer. Her cancer cells were taken without her permission and used for the sake of medical research.
  4. SalomePortman

    Is the OT relevant to Christians?

    The OT appears to me to be the history of and prescriptions for Jewish people...also God does not appear as loving as in the NT (please don't ban me, just my opinion!)
  5. SalomePortman

    Does God want us to have children?

    As this is only an Earthly plane, and we will be with God in Heaven if we believe. Also, if we have children we increase the chance of more people not getting into Heaven. I do not think it is moral to risk sending someone to eternal suffering. I am not anti-natal, however. What do you all think?
  6. SalomePortman

    I've been ill twice in the same month?

    Hello all. I wish you all a blessed day. I became ill earlier this month with a fever/sore throat (could have been COVID) and then after returning to work for the week, I've had to call in sick again! Has anyone else had this experience?
  7. SalomePortman

    Who/what is Satan? (Book of Job)

    Hello all. I was reading the Book of Job and I was reflecting on who/what Satan is. He appears in the story of Job as one of God's angels, seemingly in a trusted position, as God heeds his advice. In the Book of Job he is described as being one of the bənê hāʼĕlōhîm ('sons of God'). Any...