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    Proverbs 25:5 and Beyond

    From the Declaration of Independence (in part with legitimate commentary): "Prudence, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes ( meaning, government should not be changed on the account of every nickel and dime gripe that comes down the...
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    Romans 13: 1-6 is NOT All Inclusive.

    Every Scripture and doctrine being taught from the pulpit will always be subject to debate, argument, interpretation, opinion and not flat out avoided but continues on without rest. Well, maybe The Song of Soloman (aka, The Song of Songs) might be too explicit for some and there will be a...
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    The Real Centurions

    Circa, 1970's: Minneapolis Police Officer and Pastor, Al Palmquist. He was a friend of Billy Graham and David Wilkerson. He's still with us as far as I know.
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    Liberalism Is An Art Form....

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    I Support LGBT

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    I Prefer Secular Music (with DISCRETION!) Over CCM

    Right now I'm listening to a secular song from a motion picture soundtrack LP from 1977. Love it! In fact I listen to alot of TV/movie soundtracks (SDTK short for soundtrack). "Thunderball" (James Bond movie from 1965). "LeMans" (Steve McQueen movie 1971). "Bullitt" (also Steve McQueen...
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    Don't Be In A Hurry To Get Married

    It's not as romantic as some Christian seminars make it sound, and certainly nothing like TV and the movies or secular songs.
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    Why Men Hate Church and No More Christian Nice Guys.

    Since I was saved in 1973, I could never really reconcile the world of that day just like the world of today, with Christianity and how I know it's been manipulated by the Body of Christ (including many guilty passive Preacher's seeking approval from their congregations) and how the Body is...
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    So Much In The Last 48 Years.

    I won't bore any of you with everything God's has been doing with my life. I will tell you how it began. I was visiting my sister who attended college in town. She was still at work. I had checked into a hotel for overnight. A Christian Police Officer witnessed to me while out checking doors...
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    Pro-Life Thread, With A Slight Twist

    I'm starting this thread here instead of responding to the Texas abortion law arguments between CC members. I am Pro-Life 100%. Or do I dare say 1000%? There's nothing that brings me to tears faster than all those beautiful babies taken from us by the acts of pure satanic evil under the guise...
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    Third Term

    The evidence I've accumulated so far shows that the 2020 Election theft has Obama's prints all over it. Like it or not (and believe it or not) this is an Obama Third Term Presidency, with Biden as the figure head. Obama is calling the shots from behind the scenes. He can get away with it. How...
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    Not A Mulder or Scully...But....

    I still have a problem with the existence of UFO's, despite recent news events involving the U.S. Navy. But those crop circles still puzzle me. No man has the capability to pull that off literally overnight without drawing undue attention.
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    Hello From The Midwest

    I signed up a few weeks ago, but this is my first thread. I'm an educated professional (two community colleges), married (no children with this marriage). We have three children between us (all adults). My wife was widowed years ago. Me- a previous disaster with a non-believer, but I have two...