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  1. frogfrog

    The Soul

    Soul August 4th, 2015 Draft 11 The soul unquieted--rests assured IN God and IN His still Place of being-Blessed and Whole, the inner me rejoices loudly and all the turmoil that proudly Besets me must find the dust that is behind me WHERE God guards me; and As I turn I...
  2. frogfrog

    Mind and Matters of Fortresses we build up and Tearing down what we erect To Protect

    2 Corinthians 10:3-6 Amplified Bible 3 For though we walk in the flesh [as mortal men], we are not carrying on our [spiritual] warfare according to the flesh and using the weapons of man. 4 The weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood]. Our weapons are divinely...
  3. frogfrog

    poem Consoled in Restful Peace

    Consoled in Restful Peace By frogfrog September 24, 2011 Draft 18 Heavenly Father, [Isaiah 26.3] You guard and watch over me and cause me to remain in perfect, complete shalom-peace-constant peace You give to me. Your Salvation’s feast, before my enemies-whose every whims to take...
  4. frogfrog

    Table Before Me

    thats rhetorical not me questioning its me personalizing study
  5. frogfrog

    Table Before Me

    When I am overwhelmed I probably didn't get into the Word today. He prepares a beautiful table ON the Rock IN the Rock for me and I crowd my timid heart and mind with non nourishing junk while his banquet of love is spread before me. Psalm 23:5 21st Century King James Version 5...
  6. frogfrog

    Holy Spirit

    Christ Jesus Center of our testimony and proclamation [speaking forth'''' prophecy] and While we bring His children home--as we minister with Christ Jesus--tabernacle-ing IN us---- we reflect Him-- lifting Jesus up so He will draw ALL to Him... The Holy Spirit comforts us and spreads His...
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    shipin bottle/ bulb
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    juju's painting Native AmerIndian lady
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  10. frogfrog

    Be To Me by frogfrog

    Be To Me (a poem-song based on Psalm 71.3) Be to me, O Lord a Rock of Habitation Dwell in me and soon I will see Your face continually I come to You, my Rock far higher than any vanity that might imagine. You're my Healer and my Rescue Your my Helper You surround me A sure...
  11. frogfrog

    I will not MERELY walk I Will cleave

    Psalm 119.31-32 [AMP] I cleave to your testimonies; O Lord, put me not to shame! I will [not MERELY walk, but] run the way of Your commandments, when You give me a heart that is willing (free/ when You enlarge my heart! {ESV}). True freedom begins with a surrendered and...
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    Sounding by Byron Gene Mace Many say they don't see the works and wonders of our Heavenly Father What do they see? What speaks from their heart cries when silence is pounding-- when the brain is screaming Our Father speaks quiet but loudly some scream loud and crowd His sighing-- drawing...
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  14. frogfrog

    the Mind

    The mind has a bad habit when the person lives and works and is surrounded by the world. It builds up barriers, strongholds to protect itself because the world cuts down the person who doesn't conform to the world's way of thinking. The world disheartens and confuses the individual's identity...
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    Ezekiel 47.3-5 When the man went out toward the east with a measuring line in his hand, he measured a thousand cubits, and he led me through the water, water that was ankle-deep. 4 Again he measured a thousand [cubits] and led me through the water, water that was knee-deep. Again he measured a...
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    juju's blanch blanket pancho
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    Rocky Heart (By Byron Gene Mace based on 1 Peter 1.8 [AMP] draft 5 August 13, 2013) Long--through the rocks in my heart-- long moments--days and weeks and sad months of self-pity And the Lord breaks through the rocks I placed in His way; Because He is the Way, and saves me Each day I...
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    Comment by 'frogfrog' in media 'SalvRedemption.jpg'

    Charli, In September I was journaling orderly notes perhaps to teach one day on verses about our Spiritual Walk INTO eternity mind you this is a copy of my handwrit journal page starting with 2 Corinthians 5.17 Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an...