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    Is america becoming a Pagan nation?

    I only voted 2 times in an american election and both times were for Trump, so dont get me wrong here................ I want to open a conversation about Trump and the possibility of him being a strong illusion on for us
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    refusing a mandatory vax is not sin

    Im hearing so many christians talking about if the covid jab becomes law that they will take it because they will be bound to the law of the land and it would be sin to refuse. I do not see it this way. God never said that we had to commit suicide if the law mandates it. The ones that...
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    Hey brothers and sisters in Christ Ive been given the understanding that for revival to happen it first needs to start with self. I admit Ive been angry with certain leaders of the world, America, and the church. Ive also been very angry with the enemies of the gospel. Heres...
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    Am I being a heretic?

    I have been accused of being a heretic by the way I try to explain the Trinity..... I explain it to my understanding that God is capable of becoming His own creation while remaining omnipresent. the Trinity is so very hard to grasp and explain that many reach for whatever they can to put it...
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    Are we seeing "the great falling away"?

    I am curious to know what others think we are seeing in today's societies. With lawlessness on the rise and with this pandemic, are we now seeing the great falling away?