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    Thank you. I appreciate it :)
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    If someone gave you a birthday cake with Jesus' face on it would you eat the cake?
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    Going to most likely have to switch jobs again due to unfairness and the factor that I am going to be talking to someone over the phone about it, we all know how that goes so. Prayers for protection, prospects, and encouragement. That's all I have to say, Thanks.
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    I could really use some prayers for my home life right now as I am looking for better lines for more full-time permanent dad and his girlfriend put me into a corner today and got very verbally violent with me, which has never happened before (At least with them yelling at me together)...
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    Mandela effect, have you heard of it? What are your thoughts... I know this is a 'far out' there concept.
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    I could use some prayer today. If you are going to be flaky I don't want your prayers. --- I am really depressed because life has been really crappy to me for a long time and I have no support emotionally at all and it is kind of isolating. It also seems like God is really testing me through it...
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    Ugliest Animals

    From your own experience what animals do you consider horrifyingly ugly? Please paste the picture and animal name below. I really appreciate it and thank you for your time.
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    I could use some prayer right now, I'm pretty depressed and I have no support, like usual. Thank you.
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    Please pray for my Grandmother her name is Linda, She hasn't been doing well for the past few months and she is seeking medical help right now. She can''t live on her own anymore and she had to be placed in a medically induced coma the other day and they had to put her into something similar to...
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    Lucid Dreaming

    Anyone have any experiences with Lucid Dreaming? I have been thinking about starting up again (every so often) and I just wanted to know what the Christian community thinks about the topic... I don't really see it as a bad thing as long as you are pursuing pure dreams. but anyway, these are my...
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    I have an interview tomorrow morning, Please pray that it will be normal and will go well and that it will be a stable position for a while. Thank ya Bai
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    Prayers are appreciated. Things are, just.....they suck and I can't figure them out. Thanks. Loyal prayers would be grand, thanks.
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    I have an interview in an hour and a half and I could use some prayers because the last few months have been very unpredictable and weird. lol Please pray that I will get this job.
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    Please pray for me. I'm tired of waiting around.
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    Prayer for job applications

    Today I finally got the courage to apply to a bunch of jobs and I received a phone call back for a night interview at a place that I applied to and the phone call got me uneasy because the guy sounded like he was high or something. Please pray that I will get the right job because I need to get...
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    Please pray that my job interview will go as normal as possible today. And that I will get what I need. Danke.
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    Prayer for a transportation miracle

    So yesterday it snowed pretty bad here in Illinois and my car smells like it has something burning under the hood and it would cost alot of money to replace what's wrong with it, apparently the coolant thing is leaking and I don't have money for any of this and it is time for a new car. Please...
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    Feeling oppression... I just want to be somewhere I can be more free and away from the enemy and his devils. Thank you.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I think I'm going to start buying onesies and just wearing them all winter. This one is selling on amazon for $40 if anyone is interested