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  1. KhedetOrthos

    Chinese cannibalism of infant flesh outrages the world

    Link Spend your money wisely, brothers and sisters. Do not underwrite evil with your purchasing decisions.
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    Is Genesis History?

    If you're a young person, particularly one who is in public school or headed to college, take the time to watch this video about Genesis. Particularly in college you will be entering an environment where your faith will be under attack.
  3. KhedetOrthos

    Is Genesis History?

    This is an outstanding documentary on whether Genesis is actually an accurate record of the history of the earth. I have always believed that it was, after all, if you remove the actual fall from the first book of the Old Testament you pretty much remove the need for an actual savior from the...
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    If You Were Married...

    ...what would your ideal life look like?
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    Happy New Year

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    Increase The Time Limit to Edit A Post...?

    Five minutes isn’t always enough to catch all the errors/typos...or occasionally add more information to one. How about 15-20?
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    Good Iced Gingerbread/Gingerbread Cookies

    Nothing like them around Christmas time. Also something simply not available at a store.
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    Hello (Again)

    I was here decades ago when this was an IRC server. Don’t even remember the name I used back then. An Orthodox inquirer now. Merry Christmas everyone...