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    Singles: What Do You Find Are the Biggest Challenges to Living Independently?

    I can relate to that. My best friends are non-believers. I have been betrayed, abandoned and insulted by "church people" so many times now I can't at the moment, go back to church.
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    Vaccine Mandate For Me 🤔

    It's called the Deep State. It exists despite the denials of the MSM, which is the mouthpiece for the far-left. All are controlled by the globalists. They will set the stage for THE Anti-Christ.
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    Vaccine Mandate For Me 🤔

    American Center for Law and Justice ACLU, like SPLC, is a leftist organization. The truth is out there but will not be heard from the lips of liars. The people and groups pushing the globalist agenda are not to be trusted.
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    Vaccine Mandate For Me 🤔
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    Military Draft For Female Americans?

    The beginning of sorrows. These are the End Times.
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    What Belongs in A Go Bag?

    loved that show, until the woke thing crept in
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    What Belongs in A Go Bag?

    The handyman's secret weapon.
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    What Belongs in A Go Bag?

    angel or angels angle is the difference of two lines, measured in degrees
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    What Belongs in A Go Bag?

    Sturdy knife (full tang) leather gloves firearm extra ammo/mags fire starter kit water filter (Sawyer or Life Straw) paracord
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    The Essential Road-trip Kit

    Duct tape defensive weapon
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    Has a lie crept in to our bible Does God allow demons to torment people

    Indeed, that was my first thought. I could not finish reading the OP. Moving on..
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    Need Encouragement

    Brother, I understand your pain. I have had much loss, even now I am going through it again. I will share what has kept me going, learning to abide in our great God. I don't tell others how to live, as I have not quite figured it out. Meditate on Him and His Word. These last days of this age are...
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    Silly questions

    7. Over. Who wants to bend their head to the floor to find the end of the roll? 8. Smart phones. They're evil, make drivers do really stupid and dangerous things, and they spy on you.
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    "You Shall Know Them by Their Fruit." But How Much of Our Fruit Needs to be Hanging Out for Others to See?

    "church people" are a major roadblock for a lost and dying world to see the gift of God's salvation. I attend a church only for the worship and teaching. I do no allow myself to make friends with the people there. I will not serve in any capacity in a church again. I may be wrong, but I believe...
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    Different news sources

    I read reports from online sites such as Newsmax, OAN, Zero Hedge, Gateway Pundit, and more. First of all, talking heads are people who could not make it in Hollywood, so they feed their egos with "journalism." And, it's all about appearance. Their use of grammar borders on malpractice and...
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    Try-Before-You-Buy Marriage Sampler

    And as a follow-up, the Try Before You Buy Divorce Sampler
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    Mother doesn’t want me to answer unknown phone numbers

    I don't know if this happens outside the US, but here in America I get unknown phone calls everyday. I carry a work phone and my personal phone. It happens on both. I don't answer them. If it's legit, they will leave a message. Scammers use auto-dialers to go through numbers (broken down by...
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    What is meant when people say 'guns don't kill people; people do'?

    I have to call you out on this one. The NRA has never advocated for criminals to have access to guns. That is 100% political bull. Your posts on this subject show you have no knowledge of the topic. DNC talking points do not constitute knowledge.