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  1. socalpoppy

    What should our views be on LGBT

    I think enough Christians are condemning LGBT (aren't there more letters now?) I want to try love. I choose to love the people that come into my life regardless of their "sin profile".
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    Rich people

    So do the words of Jesus to the rich young ruler apply to all of us?
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    If homosexuality is a sin, then why didn't Jesus say anything about it?

    I wonder this, too, sometimes. I have problems with my relationship with food. I think that it is similar to homosexuality in that it is an issue of appetite. My appetite for food and my appetite for sex are both natural God-given appetites that my carnal self can use wrongly. God gave me an...
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    If your depressed this might help

    Fastlife, that was a good article. God is with us through our tough times. God's Word and His promises are where to start, but if you are not overcoming depression, I would suggest seeing your doctor. Struggling with depression myself, it is hard to hear people say that if you just have faith...
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    Stevia natural sweetener.

    I don't like the flavor of stevia.
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    Hungry for more

    This is tough! Maybe there is a Bible Study at another church that you could be involved with, but still worship with family on Sundays?
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    Hi there

    Wow, that is a big range in your kids' ages. Mine are 18 and 20. Two girls. You won't have a break between kids and grandkids, will you? I'm looking forward to my little break, though everyone tells me that I will love being a grandma. How exciting to be graduating next year. I've been more...
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    Orange County, Southern California
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    My daughter & her Nana

    Ugly, I apologize for posting this before reading any of your other posts besides the two that I saw. If I knew how to delete a post I would definitely have deleted my prior post. After reading two pages of your posts, I see that you don't commonly post mean things. Please accept my apology.
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    My daughter & her Nana

    I've seen a couple of your posts and think that you aren't using words to encourage, but to put down. Your last sentence is mean.
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    My daughter & her Nana

    I'll be praying for you for guidance from God. That is a tough situation. I like the idea of inviting Nana to events if she is interested in having time with your daughter before making any decision about letting her stay overnight.
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    Hi there

    Hello, amorgan. I'm a mom, too. I enjoy coming here occasionally to listen to other's ideas about theology in the Bible discussion forum. I haven't explored much to find where to "get to know each other", but I'm glad that you want that, too. Maybe some of the senior members can point us in...
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    Manifest Desstiny

    So what do you think is meant by "the General Welfare" as written in the Constitution?
  14. socalpoppy

    Manifest Desstiny

    My search was just "CSA". Community Supported Agriculture, Canadian Standards Association, Child Sexual Abuse, Casting Society of America, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, etc.
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    Manifest Desstiny

    I'm in. I doubt that those who believed in Manifest Destiny would see themselves as "white settlers". Wouldn't they see themselves as "civilized" and bringing western civilization to the New World because it was their definition of civilization?
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    Manifest Desstiny

    Thanks. I googled it and the Confederate States of America were not in my search.
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    Rich people

    I know that I am rich. Have I made other people poor? Am I evil because my husband is an engineer? In the new tax rate tables, I actually am in the income range that will pay a higher marginal tax rate and I don't begrudge it. I'm pretty certain that I am not a crook. I would be a crook if...
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    Manifest Desstiny

    What does CSA stand for?
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    A Study on the Kingdom of God

    I won't be hanging around here either. I come to Christian Chat Bible Discussions Forum to discuss, not to be taught by a person trying to school me in his own beliefs with no credentials and having only become a member yesterday. I will turn to the Holy Spirit for my teaching, as well as my...
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    What is the Gospel?

    Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Come Lord Jesus.