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    How do you get advice when God doesn't answer?
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    Doomsday Preppers

    A lot of people believe that they won’t go through the end time tribulation, so maybe this is not for them, but I was curious about surviving through the tribulation when times get tough. I have different views on the matter. Some people go all out and store food, items , build underground...
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    I Don't Like Men

    I have this huge, extreme, major, disgust disappoint of men. How do I get rid of this?
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    Quotes :)

    " Tempt me not, my neighbor: I have now a price put into my hands to gain, and I should be a fool of the greatest size if I should have no heart to strike in with the opportunity. And for that you tell me of all these troubles which I am like to meet with in the way, they are so far from being...
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    See The Leaves Around Us Falling

    See the leaves around us falling, Dry and withered to the ground; Thus to thoughtless mortals calling, In a sad and solemn sound: Youth on length of days presuming, Who the paths of pleasure tread, View us, late in beauty blooming, Numbered now among the dead. Yearly in our course...
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    Movies: Classic, Foreign & Recent :)

    Movie recommendations, anyone? Recently I watched EL CID 1961 (my current fav :giggle:)
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    Anyone want to play Risk?
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    Boarding School

    My daughter asked me to go to a boarding school. How many would send their kids to boarding schools, why or why not? How many have sent their kids or how many were students of such schools?
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    Lets Write A Book Together :)

    I could smell the dew embracing the green valley as I looked upon it from my window. It was early morning and had to get ready for the journey that I was about to embark. :giggle: Someone else please continue, lol not sure of the story line so can go anywhere haha.
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    Greater Things Shall Ye Do

    When Jesus said, "Greater things shall ye do, what did he mean by that?" What is greater than the miracles The Apostles performed?
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    Wilderness Survival

    I'm not really familiar with surviving on the wilderness. My daughter says we'd die out there :confused:. Anyone have any tips ?
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    Three Witnesses

    Is it possible that there will be three and not two?
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    Single Parenting

    Advice on single parenting welcomed, anyone?
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    What Does Fasting Do?

    I understand fasting is to exercise discipline but is there more to it?
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    Lets Learn Spanish

    Spanish Phonetics :geek: Open Syllables ( Silabas abiertas ) please excuse the missing tilde in the Spanish words, until I add Spanish Keyboard. -.- Ana, la, mi, una, banana, leche, nata, vitamina, de, mani, no, harina, manana, para, helado, me, pero
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    Vegan / Vegetarian, Please

    I've been wanting for a while now to live on a vegan / vegetarian diet. For lack of discipline I think I've struggled in this transition :confused:. I do believe it is the healthiest diet only because of what eating meat causes to the body. Our body functions best in an alkaline state...
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    Natural Alternatives

    I'm not sure if there is a thread on this but I want to start one on natural alternatives for various conditions and or symptoms, not sure what to call them, haha. BTW I am not a DR. I do think the holistic approach is better and want to share the information I have.
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    Which Is Sovereign?

    Is reason sovereign over the emotions?
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    Bible Doctrines

    In my search for Truth I believe it is necessary to identify what I am seeking and I believe you all can help me by pointing out doctrines that are within The Bible to eventually do an in depth study of each, thank you for your input in advance. doc·trine /ˈdäktrən/ noun 1.a belief or set of...
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    I have major trust issues but here I am wanting fellowship and to study the Bible, hope this works out.