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  1. SecondHandHippie

    PTSD Episode in Church Today

    Church was extremely triggering for me today, and I’ve needed to have a good cry the whole day (but had six other people, besides my kids, at my house all day). The pastor was preaching that only death can end a marriage, and that divorce for any reason was sin (he doesn’t believe adultery is a...
  2. SecondHandHippie

    “Covenant Marriage” trend

    What is really concerning is that you think there are parts of the bible that are “mistakes” and should be ignored.
  3. SecondHandHippie

    “Covenant Marriage” trend

    See, people who believe in the “covenant marriage only broken through death” and “second or third marriages are not valid” thing can’t back it up with scripture, so what they say on the topic is invalid. Only God’s word matters.
  4. SecondHandHippie

    “Covenant Marriage” trend

    Then why are there exceptions given for when divorce IS permissible in the bible? Did God make a mistake when writing His Word?
  5. SecondHandHippie

    “Covenant Marriage” trend

    It’s NEVER too late to start over and ask forgiveness, as long as we are trying hard to resist temptation. Sometimes we fall, but that’s what God’s grace is for. We’re ALL damaged goods, that’s why grace is so amazing.
  6. SecondHandHippie

    “Covenant Marriage” trend

    Actually, the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians says marriage is not a necessity either as long as you strive to please God in singlehood and remain sexually pure.
  7. SecondHandHippie

    “Covenant Marriage” trend

    I have heard a few opinions in the church from people that a second marriage is not valid in the eyes of God if your first husband is still alive (“covenant marriage” believers do not consider anything besides death valid to break up a marriage, and even reject adultery, or an unbelieving spouse...
  8. SecondHandHippie

    Comment by 'SecondHandHippie' in media 'BE851346-4CCB-4132-B0E4-1F4BF95A0415.jpeg'

    “If you think I’m cute, you’re right!” 😂
  9. SecondHandHippie

    I’m a Selfish Little Brat

    Oh, poor me! Oh, poor me! How my body grunts and creaks. I wallow in self pity, Dab the tear drops from my cheeks. Oh, poor me! How I suffer! How the cares that cramp my style, Form a wrinkle down my forehead, Train my lips to never smile. Oh, poor me! Oh, poor me! All the things that could go...
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    Single parenting four kids be like...
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    Naomi (10) at the Darby, MT candy shop!
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    Abbie (9) at the Darby, MT candy shop!
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    Emma (16, in wheelchair) at the Darby, MT candy shop!
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    Max (15) at the Darby, MT candy shop!
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    My daughter Abbie.
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    My silkie chicken flock.
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    My silkie chicken flock.
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    My daughter Naomi.
  19. SecondHandHippie

    The Suicidal Christian

    Someone needs to hear this tonight. ❤️ I am going to bare my heart and hold nothing back because God has used my life stories to help others time and time again. As with everyone else who had to endure this, the four months of isolation were hard for me. I am an extreme extrovert to a fault...
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    My 16 year old daughter Emma with a friend’s baby girl. Emma was placed on hospice last year, and doctors only gave her a few months to live. SIXTEEN MONTHS LATER she is still here and bringing joy to my life! She’s very slowly dying from a neurological condition that chips away at her brain as...