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  1. MMarie

    End times epiphany?

    Was listening to a bible teaching and it hit me that the first part of revelations is parallel to the seven yrs of plenty, in genesis, and the tribulation is the seven years of famine. The food is the word and works of God. I know I don't know much but what are your thoughts?
  2. MMarie

    How to respond

    Since I've been trying to learn the bible, my husband has challenging me on it, using every argument ever conceived of. He challenges the bible saying it's written by man only and that it contradicts itself. He goes after me like a rabid dog and I can't say anything because I don't know...
  3. MMarie


    Last night I listened to the entire KJV of Genesis. It is just as confusing as I remember it always being whenever I try to read it. Is it me or is it the case that there is always a choice between two boys, an older and a younger, whereby God always seems to favor the second born male. What's...
  4. MMarie

    I've never asked for prayers. Maybe I should.

    I do not know how you guys view spiritual warfare but I'm hoping not to offend. I'm not even sure what to include in this post but I, my family, are in need of some support. I think my house is infested with negative spirits. My children have all seen them throughout the years and have recently...
  5. MMarie


    New to the Christian life and still not fully there. I was not raised with the faith, nor was I taught the bible. I'm trying to teach myself but have a language disorder. I'd love to go to church but I have an anxiety disorder. Therefore, while Jesus works on me, I thought I'd find a community...