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    According to Hugh Ross, Eve, but not Adam, was a 'dumb' newbie

    We just don't know. Eve was taken out of Adam, so I don't know why you would assume anything inferior about her, even if she was formed a considerable time after Adam. She was to be Adam's helper. "Dumb blonde" is more of a hindrance than a help. Certainly men and women are different, no matter...
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    Yes, in appropriate doses, and for parasitic worms. Last I heard, COVID was a virus, not a worm.
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    Ivermectin is undergoing trials. First results indicate that it is harmless in human doses but harmful if animal variants are used. There is also initial evidence to suggest that it is useless. Go to any Chemist (US drug store) and there will be a wall or three devoted to vitamins and...
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    I would suggest that when men start behaving as they are instructed then women may be more inclined to do likewise. I also believe that there is a great deal of misunderstanding about Paul's instructions. I'm not in favour of the pyramid church structure in general, but female pastors are not...
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    The Existence Of Evil

    God commissioned Adam and his descendants to deal with Satan. (Genesis 1:28). As you say, Satan corrupted Adam and Adam came under Satan's control. God will not allow His will to be subverted. Man was meant to deal with Satan. Since Adam failed, as did Israel, God sent Jesus to do the job. Lord...
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    Natural immunity? Faith for healing?

    Ivermectine has zero proven health benefits for COVID sufferers. It treats parasites. If you have worms, then go for it. Last I heard, COVID is a virus, not a worm. HCQ sounds more promising but clinical trials have failed to demonstrate any health benefit. Side effects are awful. I was supposed...
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    Are All satans and lucifers in the Bible the Devil?

    Fair question. Satan tried to kill Lord Jesus a number of times. However, timing is vital in God's purpose. Satan does not know everything. Lord Jesus had a commission to fulfill and an exact time to fulfill the final act. Peter was a potential hindrance. Paul is talking about the spiritual...
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    A family member is going through a very tough time in their job, what can I do to help?

    It's not good and it is not of God. "In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for bread to eat—for He gives sleep to His beloved." Psalm 127:2 I'm by no means a legalist. However, God commanded the day of rest for a reason. We should work to live, not live to work. Another reason God...
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    How the Pre-Trib Rapture Became Popular in the Modern Church

    The Brethren became just as much a denomination as the Baptists and still are. Darby was responsible for a split and formed the Exclusive Brethren. I spent some time attending Brethren meetings. Structurally, they are as good as it gets. Spiritually, nothing much. Legalistic, religious...
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    How the Pre-Trib Rapture Became Popular in the Modern Church

    John Wesley was ordained an Anglican minister but he was hardly Anglican. Darby left the Anglican ministry: "Over the next five years, he developed the principles of his mature theology — most notably his conviction that the very notion of a clergyman was a sin against the Holy Spirit, because...
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    Natural immunity? Faith for healing?

    Blah blah blah. One doctor out of millions who know that invermectin is useless. Doctors are not immune from believing lies. I was prescribed a massive dose of vitamin C by a GP. It did not help at all. The dose was high enough to cause kidney stones. He's into more "natural" medicine. In other...
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    How the Pre-Trib Rapture Became Popular in the Modern Church

    John Darby was one of the Plymouth Brethren. Not Anglican. He translated the New Testament, so he was not a theological lightweight, unlike some of his critics. Your analysis makes a gratuitous assumption as to why people embraced the pre-trib idea. Christians have been trying to make sense of...
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    Natural immunity? Faith for healing?

    Complete rubbish. HCQ is for Malaria and Invermectin to treat animals. You can tell who has been taking invermectin. They bark and scratch themselves a lot.
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    Are All satans and lucifers in the Bible the Devil?

    Angel simply means messenger, either of God or of Satan. Satan means "Adversary". It makes a little more sense if you look past human history as we know it. I subscribe to the pre-Adamic creation theory. It's not provable but it makes sense. I believe that Satan was Lucifer, the light of the...
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    I'm new

    Welcome. Hopefully some of us can help you.
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    Natural immunity? Faith for healing?

    I'll not comment further. It's a waste of time.
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    Were the New Testament people that the Apostles taught really real?

    Fair comment. Only 4% or so church attenders are born again. Even so, I think snap judgements are best avoided.