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  1. Ellorah

    New home

    Please pray with me that the home I'm trying to get will be mine if it be Gods will. I'm having to move as the city is taking my home to make way for a subdivision. I've been searching for six weeks and finally found a home I really love. Thank you and God bless !
  2. Ellorah

    Friendship Valentines

    As Valentines Day approaches many of you are married and many of us are single or in a relationship. How about sharing a friendship Valentine ! It can be for everyone, a group, or even a single CC member who has helped or inspired you in some way. My friendship Valentine is to you all. Thank...
  3. Ellorah

    Prayer and grieving

    Would you all be so kind to pray for me and the sadness within my heart. In two weeks I celebrate the passing of my Mom. I use the word celebrate as my family where so blessed with her. She was warm and compassionate. She brought sunlight everywhere she went. This pain is so horrible and I can't...
  4. Ellorah

    Hello from the Carolinas

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I really look forward to meeting you all. Be blessed 🙏