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  1. HumbleOne

    The Friend's Thread

    Christian mostly. Some finger picking.
  2. HumbleOne

    What is the single most single thing you have done this year? 2021(non singles welcome too)

    Stayed up to late to code then slept in all day lol
  3. HumbleOne

    On trees

    Bonsai!!! I want to get back into that.
  4. HumbleOne

    Keeping a Christian life while working in a non-christian environment

    I understand. It is very difficult where I work!!! Its a rumor mill.
  5. HumbleOne

    The Chat Thread

    One day I hope to find true love! That my dreams. Do something really cool for the lord.
  6. HumbleOne

    "The 3-Date Rule." How Do You Know When You Know That You Know?

    I was taught that you that don't know someone for at least a month.
  7. HumbleOne

    The Friend's Thread

    So what do you like to do?
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    It's not bad. Just the people and rumor spreading. Plus, every time I go back into it, it's getting worse and worse. The environnent, not the work.
  9. HumbleOne

    Speak Your Mind.

    I wish people would focus more on a Christ centered living than about being this or that. So many baby Christians out there. Even though your 80, been a Christian your whole life, and still be a baby Christian. Bugs me when people just want to argue pointless and meaningless stuff.
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    There's more than one way to share the gospel. The old saying goes, "your actions speak louder than words. " Start with small steps and work your way up.
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    A Gentleman

    It's a habit of mine. :) I want to get a gentleman's hat.
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    The Friend's Thread

    Playing guitar, hiking, computer stuff.
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    Five months.
  15. HumbleOne

    The Friend's Thread

    Busy, but good! :)
  16. HumbleOne

    A Gentleman

    Hmmmm, well, you can still open doors for people. I do it all the time.
  17. HumbleOne

    The Friend's Thread

    Thank you.
  18. HumbleOne

    A Gentleman

    Open the doors and pay for his dates meals.
  19. HumbleOne

    How many relationships have you been in?

    Been in two relationships