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    best advice every! well worth the watch :)
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    unacceptable nic

    Hello, please be advised that there is a highly offensive nic that starts with the letter n. He / she registered today.
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    Pastor Lim

    Missing in North Korea since January 31, 2015. this canadian pastor is part of an agricultural project and ministry to orphanages in north korea. He has been there around 100 times & never had an issue. Please pray that our government would assist in his rescue. Mississauga, Ont., pastor...
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    my dominican kids

    Please pray for the Haitian refuge orphans located at the Dominican orphanage in Javiallar DR that we support. Specifically Alexson, (blue shirt on the left) has found out he may be deported. Please also pray for us to have discernment with regards to these matters as things are not always...