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    I got covid..

    Yeah it's my turn.. o_O Please pray for me that i get through this without any serious complications.. Thank you all Sisters and Brothers..
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    For my dad..

    Hello all.. My dad is very old and is now in hospital about to have an operation on a blockage in his bowl .. The thing is he is very old and weakened by bone cancer so this operation is very dangerous.. So please say a prayer for him.. And thanks to everyone that does.. May God bless us all...
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    Some Video's on Roman Catholicism for those on the fence..

    Hello all.. Recently i have been contributing to a thread dealing with the catholic religion.. I usually don't post religious video's from online preachers because i don't want anyone to think i am saying that a certain preacher is infallible and i agree with all their video's.. But this topic...
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    My Sisters cancer treatment..

    Hello Sisters and bothers in Christ.. My Sisters cancer was in remission for about a year but now it has come back.. They are giving her a new treatment, different from the last.. Please pray for my Sister Louise that the LORD will intervene and cause her to be healed.. His will be done...
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    Infection in my right Jaw..

    Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ.. I woke up this morning and the right side at the back of my law was puffed up.. There is an infection there for some reason.. Went to the hospital to see if i could get some Anti-biotics.. 5 hours later they finally got around to me and 5 minutes later...
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    Dad in Hospital. Blood poisoning, fever..

    Hello Sisters and brothers in Jesus.. Please pray for my Dad. Last night he came down with a temperature and they took him to hospital this morning.. Seems he has blood poisoning caused by septicemia.. You prayers are greatly appreciated ..
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    How do i create a link to a former post?

    Hi peoples.. :) Well the question is in the title.. I want to create a link to another of my posts in another thread.. Can anyone show me how it's done? Thanks (y)
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    For my Mother..

    Hello to my Sisters and Brothers in Christ. My mother is over 80 years old.. She broke her leg near her hip.. They decided to do an operation to give her a new ball join for her hip. Problem is the wound became infected and she has just had another operation where they have opened her up again...
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    Need your intercession Sisters and Brothers in Christ..

    Hello Everyone.. I am currently suffering from what i believe might be a bad case of the flue... I woke up this morning shaking in my bed with very sore hip and knee joints and pain in my leg and back muscles.. I have been shaking so bad that it was hard to type messages today.. I think it is...
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    Happy Day :)

    When Jesus washed my sins away..
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    Thanks be to God..

    Hello all :) I just want to share publicly what God has done for me today.. I am a diabetic. Non-insulin dependent type.. over the last two check ups with my doctor, he has been preparing me for changing to an insulin treatment type because my blood sugar levels have been too high.. But I got...
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    Dealing with unbelievers in the Forum

    Hello peoples :) I feel the need to discuss the Way some Believers are responding to new Seekers posting questions on the forum.. First things first.. We believers should be willing to turn the cheek a few times to give the Seeker a chance to moderate their attitude. Yes some Seekers seem to...
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    Ending a Chat in teh chat box ?

    Hello peoples :) Over the past two days when i come into CC forum i get a Ding sound from the chat box and i click on it and i see the last message from a discussion that has ended.. How can i eliminate this old chat session from the Chats box so that this stops happening every time i come...
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    Chats .. How to leave group ?

    Hello all :) So i was looking a groups and clicked on a few out of curiosity.. Now i am getting bell dings.. What do i need to do to leave a group?
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    New feature getting on my nerves..

    Hello peoples :) 'A new feature i see in the forum today is a new pop in from the left side of the screen that has 5 links to facebook twitter ( some red thing called Pin ? ) , Email and Share.. This feature automatically pops into the screen as i open every new page and i need to move my mouse...
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    Judea tribes contained within?

    Hello Peoples :) I have been thinking and a new question has come up in my mind.. We learn in the OT that the kingdom was divided into Israel 10 tribes in the north and Judea in the south.. We learn that the Israel was defeated and the 10 tribes in the north where ""lost" So since there is...
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    Doctors appointment tomorrow...

    Hello all.. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i am expecting bad news.. So could you guys pray for me about this issue.. Don't worry God knows what the issue is. :) His will be done..
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    Scripture Search ?

    Hello all Looking for someone who has good knowledge in scripture.. I am looking for a passage in the Bible.. I thought it was in Ecclesiastes and i have just finished reading the Book but i could not find it from my memory the scripture gives the following message:: That it is bad to be...
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    Chat room connection problems..??

    Hello.. I used to be able to go into the chat room and had no problems but now when i log into it all i get is the Biblegateway feature at the side and No room not users and no chat.. Just a blank page.. One thing that has changed since i used to chat before is that my computer hard drive...
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    Believe Him... Trust in His Will..

    It is important to believe Jesus.. We cannot reject a teaching of Jesus and say we are still a follower of Jesus covered by His Atonement.. We cannot cut out certain teachings of Jesus and then expect to be forgiven our transgressions agains that teaching when we state we are justified to...