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  1. Oncefallen

    live a lie

    That's why I said you must have misremembered what your original screen name was because our system will not allow a duplicate name to be registered.
  2. Oncefallen

    live a lie

    I hate to tell you, you may not have forgotten your password but rather your profile name since "servant" is a profile that was created in 2011 and was last used in 2019.
  3. Oncefallen

    Father of Night

    This thread was moved to the music forum since it most definitely did not belong where the OP had it.
  4. Oncefallen

    Looking for a Christian friend to grow in faith - anyone interested? From Toronto, Canada.

    This thread is a year and a half old and the OP hasn't logged in since the day after the thread was created
  5. Oncefallen

    Cross dressing problems

    Needless to say, encouraging a brother to continue in sin tends to get someone's welcome revoked.
  6. Oncefallen

    The Bible and other gods

    I am approving this thread solely so that the OP's errors can be refuted and corrected.
  7. Oncefallen

    Trump gets booster shot

    If Manchin jumps parties, it will be under the same auspices that Ronald Reagan jumped parties in the 1960's. "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the party left me." Ronald Reagan
  8. Oncefallen

    Did God lie?

    As is typical, context defines everything. 12 “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In this place, desolate and without people or animals—in all its towns there will again be pastures for shepherds to rest their flocks. 13 In the towns of the hill country, of the western foothills and of the...
  9. Oncefallen

    How many of you are open to having new Christian friendships?

    Just to put the derail to rest, Christian Chat has NEVER restricted the use of any of the sub-forums to users that specifically fit that group. The only time that the subject has ever been considered was years ago when we had a few younger persons (younger teens) that were regularly posting in...
  10. Oncefallen

    Colorado truck driver gets 110 your prison sentence

    I've always said that there were pros and cons to mandatory minimum sentencing, this case does magnify the cons. Per the statute that that the driver was charged with numerous counts of, the sentence given was the minimum allowable. Both the District Attorney and the defense attorney are...
  11. Oncefallen

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    So you come here to spread it around? :eek: I hope you recover quickly.
  12. Oncefallen

    Please help

    Guys, tagging me for chat issues is an exercise in futility, all I can do is attempt to log into chat to see if it is working. In this case, the chat app appears to have crashed.
  13. Oncefallen

    Home schooling

    State oversight of homeschooling varies dramatically from state to state. Every home schooler that I know uses pre-packaged curricula that can be acquired from a number of different home school organizations. Ultimately, you would still have to teach evolutionary theory (it's information...
  14. Oncefallen

    Delay in new thread approval

    Unfortunately, the lag in approval is unavoidable. Often when I am screening threads, I don't have the time to open each thread individually (they show up in list form with an "approve" tab) in it's forum to make a post in it and there is no way to "re-set" the OP time to when it was approved...
  15. Oncefallen

    Christian Chat App for Windows

    At this time, I don't know what the plan is. We did have an app for Windows that was pulled down (for reasons unknown to me) since on the rare occasion that I do log into chat that is what I use and it still works for those who have it.
  16. Oncefallen

    Hayfever remedies

    I'm not sure how well it works since I don't deal with pollen allergies, however I've heard that regularly consuming locally produced honey helps to inoculate against pollen allergies since it is made from local pollen that you would be allergic to.
  17. Oncefallen

    Blessings from Wyo!

    The app is for live chat only although the forums do have a mobile friendly version (fits better on a smaller screen but reduced functionality)
  18. Oncefallen

    Basic income

    I'm not entirely sure how things work where you're from, but where I'm from it is generally considered to be really bad manners to be one of the newer people in a group and try to dictate to everyone else how things should be. Christian Chat is a place for Christians to discuss all manner of...
  19. Oncefallen

    Help :)

    Chat is only accessible via the app.