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    pray God remove fear from the people

    Yes, Lord, deliver our families, our churches, and our country from fear that is not of You. Thank You, Lord, that You do not allow those who fear You, not what men say or do, to not just follow what many others are doing, for fear that they will be criticized, laughed at, persecuted. Your...
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    As a child, I feared dental visits, because those were the times i had a painful tooth to be dealt with. By high school, i was grateful to be able to go to our school dentist for free services. .. was more careful and deliberate about caring for my teeth and gums, which thankfully are not giving...
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    Prayer for the prisoners!

    Yes, Lord, hear this prayer in Your mercy. Thank You, for You are the God of the oppressed, the voiceless. Praise You for hearing us, in Yeshua's name.
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    Lets Write A Book Together :)

    A little child, clutching her doll, was passing by... Azrael? I dont like his name, pouting. Can we change his name? She walks away, picking some flowers on the hillside, running here and there, talking with the flowers and critters with her singsong voice. Oh dont be angry... we just ask...
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    The highest vaccinated countries compared to the least Vaccinated countries

    If people would try stopping to listen to mainstream news for a day... a week, i wonder, and try listening more to God's voice in the din...
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    Prayer Request

    God has a plan for each of us.. May you find it as you seek with all your heart. Blessings and love from a sister here:)
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    Hello, want to share my struggles

    Welcome, JLM! Our youngest is in high school, so i'm not that young, you see. Not very sociable either, there was a time i thought i'd never have new friends again, esp when i was 'stuck' at home w/ my newborn again, not able to pursue career/my dreams=). But like financial needs, the Lord...
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    Thank you... and welcome, Dottie!
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    I love a Child By: Walter Wangerin

    So touching... thanks for sharing, Seeker.
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    Yes, He does. As we know, it may be a yes, no... or wait. The timing really does matter, so if we're not patient, we think He is not hearing us.. oh, but He does hear, and often will grant our answers when we're ready for these as some say:), (Otherwise sometimes He is already answering but we...
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    Christmas Traditions

    Looks like i'd like to have some of that(y):)
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    Christmas Traditions

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    DIFFERENT Christmas music

    Title in Tagalog means flickering/ sparkling lights... I'm still searching for translation of the song:).
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    are you a perfectionist?

    I was. Realizing i have so many weaknesses and faults too, i strove to work on not seeing others' faults (and mine too), but it took time. Thankful i've tickled my funny bone more and much less serious than i was years ago also, and can laugh at esp my mistakes. Like an editor, i'd notice...
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    To the Unvaccinated in NY you have until Jan 5th to leave.

    It is. I have family there.
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    Urgent need for prayer!

    Lord, we ask for mercy. I agree with this prayer, trusting that You are so good and loving and will forgive and grant reconciliation and peace in the hearts of these family members. Thank You, we receive Your answer in Your time and way by faith, in Yeshua's name.
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    My prayers alone not yet answered

    God has set a time for everything... May God hear and grant His children's requests as they align with His perfect will. Thank You, Lord for hearing, in Yeshua's mighty name.
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    From Philippines!

    Welcome Kai! Ma-guess mo from where ako:LOL:
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    Hy from Croatia

    Glad to have you with us, Keva!
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    Christmas Traditions

    I'd bake too when i can... Noche buena is a local tradition that my family hasnt been practicing much now... but we can drop my mom's place if we want to stay awake amidst firecrackers (now less than years before) before Christmas eve=). I'm happy enough with singing carols with my siblings...