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    Who am i?

    Amazing testimony shared by a friend:
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    Who and where are you in the Great Commission?

    This post and joining 30 Days of United prayers for Muslims during the Ramadan, i was made more aware of how we should be reaching out more, esp to Unreached people groups (Upg's). Are there missionaries on Cc? Doing missions work is of course more than going, as we can be a mobilizer, sender...
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    Are musicians lazy?

    No, this thread is not meant to be a battle ground or where we'll argue abt their lifestyles.. but I'd like to understand the mind of artists incl. musicians, who may have a very different pacing w/ others. I'm a music enthusiast, and take time learning some instruments, but don't call myself a...
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    Not sure if anyone's started something on this, but as not all can access or believe in having a vaccine for covid.. A GOOD NEWS: Japan's Gift to the World. A review of lnformation and Global Trends in Clinical Studies of Ivermectin in Covid-19 by Morimasa Yagisawa, Patrick J. Foster, Hideaki...
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    Psalms for the Church

    Not sure if someone else has posted this sometime here.. but here's a free, valuable resource for finding Psalms to sing in church. Not all have audio, but the psalms have a Pdf of the music sheet.
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    Prayer for our missionaries

    For those who have the desire to pray and have some time to spare: Prayer Points for our 23 Missionaries (in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, China, UAE, Singapore, S. Korea, Italy, Canada.. Thank you!  Visa application and approval  Wedding preparations  Clear ministry direction after...
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    Make haste.. or slow down

    Are you a fast person, one who thinks quickly and wants action right away.. or one who lingers, waits, and slows down.. Some people look down on those who go slow. What have you learned abt going fast and slow in life? Verses that speak of both.. Proverbs 19:2 Also it is not good for a person...
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    Typhoon Goni And theres another storm brewing in the Pacific which may affect the country soon again.
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    To fast or not to fast

    Earlier this year, the Lord graciously allowed me to fast and pray for longer than i thought i could:). Fasting is not a popular topic, nor activity among Christians, if i may say so. It really seems more fun to talk, sing, play, study, serve, even work our jobs.. but the point is we can fast...
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    For those who fast

    6“Here is the sort of fast I want — releasing those unjustly bound, untying the thongs of the yoke, letting the oppressed go free, breaking every yoke, 7 sharing your food with the hungry, taking the homeless poor into your house, clothing the naked when you see them, fulfilling your duty to...
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    Cyclone Amphan Devastates Kolkata

    The eastern Indian city of Kolkata has been devastated by a powerful cyclone which has killed at least 84 people across India and Bangladesh. Amphan made landfall on Wednesday, lashing coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain. The storm is weakening as it moves north into Bhutan. Thousands...
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    Songs with animals in the title

    There was such a thread a while back.. but cannot find it now. So here, starting again: White Butterflies from Platero and I
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    The race continues

    A call to those who will fast and pray... On 23 March, a 56-year-old man living in a vast, labyrinthine slum in the western Indian city of Mumbai went to see a doctor. He was feeling feverish and had a bad cough. The garment trader lived in Dharavi where more than half-a-million people are...
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    Unleavened bread

    For those who want to have the Lord's supper at home..
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    We heal as one

    Be blessed!
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    Wonderful, broken people

    I was still groggily listening to Christian radio this morning, but could not help hearing and remembering the words 'wonderful, broken people.' These are the people we may be living with each day, or others we meet in certain circumstances in our lives. Normally we do not discover how wonderful...
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    I was in prison and you visited Me

    Another thread had me thinking abt those in prison. I knew there was a thread or two where someone has shared on some prison ministry, but let me ask now: Have you been to visit prisons? A few wks ago, I managed to be at the church where our former Chief Justice gave a message on injustice on...
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    How does your garden grow?

    It's been a while since I saw a thread on gardening-- unless I missed to see a recent one? You may wish to tell abt what u are growing now, how u care for them, etc. Or post pictures if u haven't time or words to describe=).
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    Worship team, music sheets

    This has been a burden in my heart for quite a while now (months.. actually years). I didn't want to post thinking it seems trivial, but now admit it hasn't left my attention. So I am mentioning this request abt our music team (whatever you call it in your church). As the other older team member...
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    Taal Volcano

    As work and classes are suspended in nearby areas, please pray for the Lord's mercy. Region 4 is also affected by ash fall.. and hoping the people around are able to cope, esp the sick and elderly. I heard there was shortage of gas masks, even in metro manila...