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    The bible does not state specifically that the earth is flat or round. I really don't see how believing that the earth is flat would prevent you from receiving salvation or believing that it is round would insure it. In the grand scheme of things it is not a big deal to believe either way...
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    adobe air license agreement keeps poping up

    Yes, sometimes this does the trick but you gotta hop pretty fast.
  3. tourist

    My name is Mikayla, i am new.

    Happy to here that you have been baptized and newly accepted Jesus. Glad to have you as part of our community. Welcome to CC.
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    Can a Christian believe in Noahs flood not being Universal?

    Probably just go to purgatory for those offenses. :)
  5. tourist

    What does God want in Christian churches?

    Yeah, the roof probably didn't leak either.
  6. tourist

    Literal to the Book of Revelation or "THE BOOK

    The 1000 year reign of Jesus is literal. The New Jerusalem is literal too.
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    I am Isaiah, a New Member

    Glad to have you onboard with us Isaiah. May the peace of Christ be with you as well. Welcome to CC.
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    Speak Your Mind.

    Jiffy is my favorite peanut butter. I really miss the actual glass jars though. I have a similar quandary as I am debating whether or not to cut my near empty plastic container of Heinz mustard. That used to come in jars too, same for the ketchup. When things change it is not always for the...
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    Am Briey a new member

    Grateful to have you here as well. Welcome to CC.
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    Singles Staying Single: Is It Selfishness, or Self-Preservation?

    When I joined this site I was very lonely and prayed that God would find a woman of my heart's desire that was close to my age so that we could relate to each other. I was not looking for a 25 year old or even a 35 year old woman. The thing is. after a few weeks what would there be left to talk...
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    New Member

    I have been angry at God a few times too but please know that God understands the human condition full well and is full of compassion and mercy. I know about the self-inflicted bad things too but we all make mistakes. Hopefully, with the grace of God we learn from our mistakes and that at...
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    Should we stand with Israel?

    This is going to happen one day soon.
  13. tourist

    Should we stand with Israel?

    The United States should absolutely stand with Israel. President Trump has done very well in the regard, much more so than previous presidents.
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    Even though I was a Catholic I attended an SDA Revelation seminar in the early 90's. Most of it was about bashing the Catholic Church. My wife is an SDA and I have attended many Saturday services with her but not in the last couple years due to conflicting work conflict. For the most part it is...
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    The ultimate Christmas thread 2018!

    Nothing special, my wife gets new calendar's from the dollar store each year. That advent calendar must be really special. I would not feel guilty at all for the cost.
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    A conversation about nothing in particular

    Yeah, it's all good. :)
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    Yeah, it's an orb for sure.
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    A conversation about nothing in particular

    Exactly, in the book of John it says that God is Love. That is critical in understanding certain parts of scripture and is very comforting to me.
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    A conversation about nothing in particular

    I live in the Tampa / St. Petersburg metro area which is considered the lightning capital of the world. I really enjoy the daily afternoon thunderstorms in the summer with flashes of lightning in the sky and the torrential rain and wind. A thunderstorm is God's fireworks in the sky.
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    Calvinist Kitchen...stirring the pot

    I believe that the topic of this thread is about the merits of sugar verse high fructose corn syrup but I guest that you can derail with the motorcycle reference. Are we talkin' 'bout hogs?