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  1. JesusMyOnly

    Twice? Or more..?

    Why do some of our comments (replies) post accidentally more than one time in a row? Is it something I'm doing or a glitch? My OCD is bothering me and I don't like that there is more than one...
  2. JesusMyOnly


    This isn't an emergency type prayer request but I'm just asking that you pray for someone I've not treated so well. You don't have to have their names..God just knows.
  3. JesusMyOnly

    Self Discipline.

    One topic I'm needing to look into more is self discipline. You may share some verses (and advice) down below if you'd like about self discipline. Any additional verses (advice) you'd like to share can be about becoming more humble (letting go of pride).
  4. JesusMyOnly

    A friend in need.

    I have a friend. Actually met him here on CC around August of last year (2014). He was looking for help so I added him to my Skype and started a conversation with him. Little did I know how deep of trouble he was in. You see I've posted at least two threads (prayer request section) asking...
  5. JesusMyOnly


    I've been wanting to blog lately, yet haven't had any pleasant ideas. Then something came to my (lately) monotonous mind (-_-) at the moment. The dark is quite a scary thing. And night is when that darkness blankets over us. But if we take the time to look closely, closer we see that it...
  6. JesusMyOnly

    Bad habits.

    Any tips or tricks (maybe something you've used) on how to break a bad habit? I should clarify, maybe seeing people or hanging around people I should not. I don't really know when to let go of people that I need to let go of.
  7. JesusMyOnly

    God in the book of Esther.

    No doubt God was there during the time of Esther, but one question that I ask a lot of different people (that is always in the back of my mind) to get different opinions is why is God's name not mentioned in the book of Esther? This is far, far, far from a salvation issue and its not that...
  8. JesusMyOnly

    Social worker prayer please!

    I've posted a thread about my friend who is thinking about suicide often. The prayers that you've all given up to God for this friend of mine have been working. I'm seeing a slight change. This friend is going to see a social worker in ONE hour. Please pray this goes in my friend's favour...
  9. JesusMyOnly

    Banned or not?

    If I believe baptism is a part of salvation..and can post in the forums my beliefs but for example, get warned in the chat room not to share with others what I believe because it is "false" doctrine how does that make sense? I know of some people who post their belief (same as mine about...
  10. JesusMyOnly


    I know someone who often thinks about suicide due to constant rejection..and abuse. Please pray..because I'm terrified they will not be here later. They are in another country. I've talked to them online for a very long while and I've heard their story and have seen into their life a bit...
  11. JesusMyOnly

    I am sorry.

    I hit a low in immaturity today..responding to things and trying to 'stand up' for my side when I shouldn't have to explain myself unless I'm asked. Me being a young Christian (and also a girl..) with immaturity I feel like I have to have the last say in things. But that is no excuse I was an...
  12. JesusMyOnly

    Favourite Bible topic?

    What is your favourite bible topic to study? Salvation? Maybe end times studies..Holy Spirit study? Maybe you have a favourite book to study? Savlation is a very beautiful topic but I'd say I have so, so, so, so, so many questions about the Holy Spirit and thats where I seem to go to a...
  13. JesusMyOnly

    These preachers?

    Has anyone here heard of the preachers Dan Mohler or Tim Conway (not the actor haha). What are your thoughts on them?
  14. JesusMyOnly

    Dear John.

    This is a beautiful song by a wonderful singer named Mandisa. Its called Dear John. ( ) Dear John, How you doin’ I’ve been thinking about you I’m not sure how to say it, but I’ve been praying daily For some kind of a breakthrough I’ve said this...
  15. JesusMyOnly

    If I were the Devil.

    Speech by Paul Harvey. (You may listen here: If I were the Devil) This section is different but similar: I personally began reading a book called Doctrine of The Satan. By Dr. Harold L. Willmington. The following is a small section from his book...
  16. JesusMyOnly

    Day of the week you were born?

    What day of the week were you born on? You can easily look up your birth date online to figure this out if you don't already know. XD I was born on a Friday.
  17. JesusMyOnly

    Casting out demons?

    I'm just curious if anyone here has had a demon cast out of them. Or if you yourself by the power of Jesus casted out a demon.
  18. JesusMyOnly

    What is a soul tie?

    I've heard this phrase 'soul tie' and I kinda get it but I was just curious on all other opinions on this.
  19. JesusMyOnly

    Indwelling of the Holy Spirit?

    The things I'm starting to question, 1) Why does the Holy Spirit not perform miracles through believers today? Like in the bible days. If the Spirit is always miraculous and no one but God can perform miracles, and back in that time if someone performed (true) miracles it would have been...
  20. JesusMyOnly

    My friend's mother.

    I have a friend who has been going through so much for years and years. Their mother is now in the hospital, in the high depedency ward. Please just pray for her mental, physical and emotional health as well as for my friend's. That if its possible that she will get saved. She has been...