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    Another one bites the dust

    Mennonite Church USA passes resolution allowing pastors to perform gay weddings
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    Fulling expecting this to be a short thread !

    Joh_11:35 Jesus wept... Curious as to others thoughts on why Jesus wept. What are your thoughts , does the 'why' even matter to you? I dont have a 'revelation' on this, not building a doctrine or theology. Simply asking for your views. Over the years i have heard different theories, as...
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    Some of the reasons I pulled away from Dispensationalism.

    Background: Dad was in Bible School when i was born. Glad Tidings was a Assemblies of God school. The blessings of being born into a Christian family I will ever be thankful for. The family lived and breathed Dispensational thinking. Some of my earliest memories are making sure i was right with...