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    Random game.

    So here is how the game works. I'll post a word and you write what ever comes to mind. Ie: water next word may be wet. Ie: home: Minnesota ect. So make sure to just reply to the post previous so we get a chain going first word is sleep an go..
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    Family advice

    My mom's extended family has been critizing me because I'm 25 and not seeing anyone, s My aunt thinks I should be settling down and dating ( yes I want to ) but I can't find guys interested in me. 2nd she was teasing me because I was embarsed to talk about that conversation in genral.... I hate...
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    Brand new here

    Hello. I'm just posting this as it's my first time here. Im a young adult working as a teacher's aide in the public school system which is rewarding job in it's self but so much more because I can sow seeds into the lives of the kids. I enjoy working with kids my 2nd job I work at the local...