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  1. Homewardbound

    Grow where your planted?

    I hear this alot. Bloom where you're planted, or grow where you're planted. What does that mean? Does it mean stay in a church you are attending and never leave? Really? What does it mean to grow where you are planted? How do you know if (or where) you are "planted"? I guess I don't care...
  2. Homewardbound


    I have just returned after a couple of years of not being able to access Christian Chat. Does anyone know where Leastamongmany ended up, or did she drop away? Just checking. Charlie Bear was around then too. Just seeing if they are still in our loop somewhere.
  3. Homewardbound

    The concept of moving on

    Have you ever told yourself that it is time to "move on"? I have, and in all reality I've just stuffed the problem or incident deep down inside so I do not have to deal with it. The main problem is...we haven't moved on beyond the problem or situation. It is buried!! I have a buddy who says "...
  4. Homewardbound

    How can I post on someones profile

    How can I post on someone's profile page? I'm kinda sorta lost with that. thanks!
  5. Homewardbound

    I've changed my avatar

    Hello fellow believers, I have changed my avatar to a sunset. I thought I was due for a change. The colors, and the scene make for a peaceful looking place. Sure do appreciate quiet places where the Lord and I can have an uninterrupted time together. Have a great week!
  6. Homewardbound

    Pray for me

    Would you pray for me and the men's small group I facilitate. We are ending the year in July, and we (the 6 of us) are asking the Lord about a plan forward. We will be starting again in September. Hopefully with a new focus, a new study, AND new participants. Thanks!
  7. Homewardbound

    A question for younger believers

    I have a question for you. (or multiple questions) I am a men's small group leader. Right now there are 6 of us that meet regularly. (yes, face to face over coffee). Over the last few weeks I have been inviting a few men mostly in their 30's (BTW I am twice that plus) to join us. I get a...
  8. Homewardbound

    How do you spend your free time

    It seems that in our day and age people get really busy. Bogged down with life events, earning a living and dealing with issues. We all need (or should get) a breather...some free time. so the question is how do you spend your free time. How do you make sure you get some "chill time"?
  9. Homewardbound

    Why I chose the Name Homeward Bound

    I just replied to History Princess and her post Living in Fear. I wont rehash that, but I began to think about the Christian life we all lead. I chose the name (on CC) Homeward Bound because I believe that our Christian life is a journey. On this journey we have a guide to help us along the...
  10. Homewardbound

    Moving on

    Sometimes it is just best to move on. Sometimes when I try to help someone, or walk by their side through a stressful time, I get the idea I am being taken advantage of. The Bible says that if someone asks us to walk a mile with them, to walk two miles. I get it, but does there come a time when...
  11. Homewardbound

    Have you ever been tired of helping?

    Have you ever been tire of doing good? I KNOW the Bible says to never stop doing good (or never tire of it). James says if we know to do good, but don't do it, it is a sin...I get it. But sometimes I get tired of either doing good, or helping. Many times I have helped people, only to have them...
  12. Homewardbound

    I'm gonna do it

    I finally made the commitment to learn to play guitar. Oh, I know some of the basics, and a scattered chord song or two, but that is about all. It is my hope my instructor will help me 1) keep focused 2) make the commitment to improve 3) find ways to keep motivated to practice. Interesting...
  13. Homewardbound

    In a quandary update

    Back in early January, I posted about being in a quandary about what to do about a friend who makes bad relational choices (January 6th in the Family Forum). My friend did what we expected. He started in complaining again (3-4-weeks after marrying a woman he met online, but not but a day or so...
  14. Homewardbound

    Like/dislike question

    I know how to give a post "agree/like" , but if I disagree, how do I do give that vote?
  15. Homewardbound

    Bucket list

    Ok, then. What item on your bucket list are you planning on finishing this year? It seems like when we get older, we find we have "unfinished business" that we wish we had accomplished during our time here. Is there one (or two) items on your bucket list you will be tackling this year?
  16. Homewardbound

    Fervent prayer

    I have been hearing a lot of references to James where he says the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. It seems God is trying to get my attention here, but I must be missing the point. What does it mean fervent prayer. I am sure I will get a lot of scholarly advice on this...but...
  17. Homewardbound

    If you could ask one of the apostles...

    If you could ask one of the apostles a question, what would you ask and to which one? I often ask myself this. I think I would ask John what he and the Lord talked about when Jesus and His inner circle of three got together.
  18. Homewardbound


    A man was teaching his son how to use a shotgun, going through all of the safety and responsibilities of using it. He told his son “ son, you can never get a bullet back once you pull the trigger.” “I know” said the boy. “No you don’t” the father replied “once you pull the trigger...
  19. Homewardbound

    I'm in a quandry

    I have a friend that I have known for a long time. I met him during a time when his first marriage was just starting to head for the rocks. Needless to say, it did hit the rocks. (strike one) About 8 months or so later, he married an abusive and strong headed woman. That marriage...
  20. Homewardbound

    Keep It In Context

    I am currently reading a book about spiritual warfare. In some ways I really like it because he defines his terms in the Greek. I do my research though. When he quotes a scripture, I take his reference verse and read it in the context in which it was written. By doing that, I can what the...