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  1. Lucy-Pevensie

    The 'Church Age' Model. Based on The 7 Churches of Asia Province.

    The Chronological Church Age Model based on the seven churches of Asia Province. That the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 represent seven consecutive ages of church history. Ephesus Smyrna Pergamos Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia Laodicea It's an idea with some logic to it but it is...
  2. Lucy-Pevensie

    Israeli conjoined twins separated in 12-hour surgery led by British surgeon

    Anyone fancy some good news for a change? From Christians United For Israel/UK Israeli first as conjoined twins separated in 12-hour surgery led by British surgeon Sep 8, 2021 | News A pair of one-year-old twin girls who were joined at the head have successfully been separated in Israel...
  3. Lucy-Pevensie

    Covid Fear Propaganda

    I believe we are being deliberately manipulated to live in fear. We are being subjected to psychological warfare. Media indoctrination is going full steam ahead. Whether one takes the view that Covid-19 was a deliberate hoax, an attack by China, an overreaction to a flu virus or a real...
  4. Lucy-Pevensie

    What is Happening With The US Election?

    What's going on? I’ve never heard of anything like this in a US election. It resembles an African or South American Socialist Republic at the moment. From the opposite side of the Atlantic I'm trying to track what is happening. There’s a stinking rat somewhere. A burst water pipe was...
  5. Lucy-Pevensie

    Ravi Zacharias Went Home An excellent teacher and defender of the faith has been called home. Dr Ravi Zacharias RIP
  6. Lucy-Pevensie

    Bethlehem on lockdown after coronavirus outbreak confirmed

    Mar 6, 2020 | CUFI News The city of Bethlehem has been placed on lockdown after the first Palestinian cases of coronavirus were discovered there. Israeli officials said the lockdown in Bethlehem had been imposed ‘in coordination with the Palestinian Authority’. Palestinian authorities...
  7. Lucy-Pevensie

    Give Thanks to God

    Give thanks to God .......for he is good I wasn't sure where to put this :cool:
  8. Lucy-Pevensie

    Good Friday Thoughts

    Whatever day you believe to be the actual day of the crucifixion, today- Good Friday is the the day much of the Christian world commemorates the sacrifice Our Lord made to save us and reconcile us to himself. May we ever thank The Lord! Today is still a national holiday. Despite the...
  9. Lucy-Pevensie

    What are your works?

    Inspired by the 'The Not By Works' Thread I don't want to start a heated exchange. I was just wondering what people think of as their works. I expect there will be different ideas about what Christian works are and some of the more modest people don't like looking as if they are...