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  1. CherieR

    The Mosaic Law

    Please explain Mosaic Law and what that consists of. Is this Mosaic Law from the first five books of the Bible? Is it only law from after the children of Israel were delivered out of Egypt by God? How is this law applicable to Christian's today and in what ways does it not apply? Please explain...
  2. CherieR

    I Got Covid

    Please pray for me. I tested positive for covid today. I'm feeling tired but hanging in there. I'm supposed to get some medicine for nausea and cough in a little while. My head doesn't hurt as bad since taking an ivoproben. I plan to take more medicine for pain.
  3. CherieR

    Prayer Request

    Please pray for my family and I.
  4. CherieR

    Single and Looking Advice?

    I'm single and looking for a man. What advice would you have for me?
  5. CherieR

    Dealing with Temptation advice?

    How do you deal with temptation? What has worked in your own life? What are some helpful Scriptures for this?
  6. CherieR

    More confidence in salvation

    In this moment, I am feeling more confidence in my own salvation. I have had struggles with assurance of salvation. Honestly struggles which has go on for years. The first sign of doubt seemed to show even as a young child. I have had moments of rejoicing feeling confident in salvation...
  7. CherieR

    Echo Holy

    This is a beautiful worship song. I shared it with a person very close to me before he had passed away. When I hear this song, I think of him.
  8. CherieR

    Terrify the Dark( Reimagined)- Skillet

    A great song for fears and doubts. Love the line " my doubt will answer to your scars". Fears and doubts come, but Jesus is greater. The cross speaks a message of forgiveness and grace. Christ has the final word and we can trust in him.
  9. CherieR

    It is Finished- Petra

  10. CherieR

    He Will Hold Me Fast

  11. CherieR

    New Job Prayer Request

    I have a new job starting on Sunday. Please pray for me to do well on this job and keep on doing well on the job and grow confident in this new position. I look forward to getting extra income but also experience anxiety oftentimes. I don’t always feel so confident ; however, a word like...
  12. CherieR

    Resources for Bible Understanding

    What are some good resources that I can use to understand the Bible more? For example if I wanted to know what a verse means, what could I use for that?
  13. CherieR

    Gaslighting in Faith

    Is there a form of gaslighting that happens in the church or spiritual environments? How do we recognize and respond to gaslighting?
  14. CherieR

    Does God cause repentance?

    “I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself thus; Thou hast chastised me, and I was chastised, as a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke: turn thou me, and I shall be turned; for thou art the Lord my God. Surely after that I was turned, I repented; and after that I was instructed, I smote upon my...
  15. CherieR

    What Can We Know About Our Hearts?

    According to the Scriptures, what can we know about our hearts? I’m not asking about other people’s hearts but one’s own heart. For example what can one know of their own beliefs, values and motivations and feelings? In what examples is it possible for a person to be self-deceived about what’s...
  16. CherieR

    What is the effect of Jesus’ Resurrection?

    What are the after effects of Jesus’ resurrection? Some of these after effects I see is because Jesus is risen, he is Savior of the world and there is life in his name. Believers in Christ will be raised in the same way as Christ. What other after effects of the resurrection of Jesus do you see?
  17. CherieR

    Jesus I Have My Doubts

  18. CherieR

    How to deal with self doubt about your faith?

    How do you know you have faith in Jesus? This is a question that has often bothered me. I understand the Bible speaks on the importance of believing on Jesus. Does the Bible tell us how we know we believe? In my own life I can see my faith in Christ. I’m not sure how I should respond when I...