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    Rethink Our Thinking To His

    Quite right. I have to check myself too, because there is a tendency for me to overreact if someone offers what I perceive to be a cynical or derogatory response to a post of mine. Evidence of maturity, which I'm obviously still working on, is that I am not easily offended by anyone not liking...
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    Comment by 'ChristianTonyB' in media 'german t111.jpg'

    An arniemato! That thing is huge. Don't make it angry, whatever you do... in fact I would suggest you put it down, and back away slowly 😟
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    Thank you for your response. It sounds like you saying that every person, having been saved from the consequences of their past sinful lives, and that has their heart ‘pricked’ about current or unrepented sin in their life, sooner or later will respond favourably to God’s check?
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    New user and new at forums 😬😀

    That's a lovely photo by the way. I hope you decide to stay on CC.
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    I don't agree with your assumption here. I think there are plenty of warnings in the Bible that suggests people, after having received the gift of faith (which saves us), can toss it away in favour of retaining or returning to their past ways and the world. Would you let your son be abused again...
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    New user and new at forums 😬😀

    In a court of law, one would be justified in saying, "I rest my case". Anyway, enough said!
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    New user and new at forums 😬😀

    Sorry, I meant flaunt, not flout.
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    New user and new at forums 😬😀

    Just so no one will think ill of anyone else here, it was me that PM'd this woman. I'm happy to release the full text of my messaging to her, and you can see that I conversed with her diplomatically. Her indignation shows me what spirit is guiding her. Let me be blunt. If anyone sees that I...
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    Just Suppose...

    Thank you for your OP, it is always uplifting to be reminded of God's love and graciousness towards us, in how He provided us with the gift of faith to believe on and in the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm assuming by 'lost again' you are meaning that someone has to decided to abandon their faith in...
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    Comment by 'ChristianTonyB' in media 'tomato2.jpg'

    😳 Whilst you're up there, say hello to Jack. I hope his bean crop is going as well as your tomato crop, although I doubt it is. 😏
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    Ok. Thanks. I do realise that Egypt felt threatened by Israel because of its growth in numbers and wealth, and that they also feared Israel might be supportive of Egypt’s enemies should they attack, so Egypt put them under the thumb. But it’s also interesting what God says through the prophet...
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    Why did JESUS say all manner of sin and >--blasphemy<-- will be forgiven but blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT will not be forgiven?

    According to Jesus that person is pardonable. I'll accept His word. The Holy Spirit's healings of the sick, and the casting out of demons etc, and other miracles at the hands and words of Jesus, were being vilified as demonic by the pharisees and their followers. Jesus indicated that type of...
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    Sense And Nonsense...

    Well, a pastor is an overseer, is a shepherd, is a bishop, is an elder.... I'm elderly, but that doesn't necessarily equip me to be an elder. If however I was with a group of Christians that fellowshipped regularly together, and they grew in number such that they found it difficult to carefully...
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    Why did JESUS say all manner of sin and >--blasphemy<-- will be forgiven but blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT will not be forgiven?

    My take on the Lord’s statement is that He seemed to be saying that anyone that slanders or mocks the activities of the Holy Spirit has reached a depth of depravity that will consume them. There will be no escape for them, no gift of faith will be offered out to them, or alternatively, whatever...
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    Which Part Of The Bible Is...

    “All scripture is inspired by God”…. that’s enough said, as far as I am concerned!
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    Sense And Nonsense...

    True. But sometimes I think people can take that reasoning to justify sin in their lives. We just need to be very careful, particularly when it comes to matters of morality. God has set aside pastors and others to help with counsel too. I personally don’t know of one in my neighbourhood I could...
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    woodworking does anyone know what these parts are?

    Fantastic DIY bench rack and slide. Great idea. I wonder if they’ve got a design to change a drop saw into a slide?
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    Sense And Nonsense...

    Yep. Fair enough. All things considered though, for me personally I hope to have my spiritual antenna fine tuned towards the Holy Spirit. He is the Best of the best when it comes to theology, and has full knowledge of the true Christian way. In the event I have knocked my antenna though, I hope...
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    Comment by 'ChristianTonyB' in media '"You will Harvest What you plant"'

    Yum, that lemonade sounds nice and refreshing. 😋 I can empathise with you, I have trouble growing things in the ground here, the soil is very sandy. About the only veggie-like things I can get to grow out of it are tomatoes. For some reason I can't seem to get tomatoes to grow very well in...