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    Watching Church Services Online

    Does anybody know if it is considered biblical to watch live streamed church services online or broadcasted on television on Sundays at home in lieu of attending in person?
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    Research Papers and COVID 19 back in 2020

    Back in 2020 when all libraries were closed due to COVID 19, how did anybody who is a student were able to write research papers (if you were a student who was given such an assignment at that time)?
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    A Couple Of Old Classics

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    Pride and Humility can never co-exist

    This is the way I feel but pride and humility can never co-exist and there is no such thing as an ego that is good. The bible does say that pride is the deadliest of all sins and anybody who has an ego is devoid of all humility. A person can be self confident without pride and without an ego...
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    Is it sinful to eat halal beef or chicken?

    I believe that true devout Muslims in general are very kind, humble, generous, and peaceful and to be honest, I do not see anything in the Bible that forbid the eating of beef or chicken that is halal, kosher, etc since it is the same.
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    The First Noel

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    Take Me Home, Country Roads

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    Silent Night

    To combat the negativity in some of the posts I have read in “Bible Discussions” and to bring joy and happiness. I decided to pist this video of me playing a Christmas Carol. Christmas is right around the corner.
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    Here I Am To Worship

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    A Prayer to Combat the COVID 19 Pandemic

    Most Merciful and Triune God, We come to You in our weakness. We come to You in our fear. We come to You with trust. For You alone are our hope. We place before You the disease present in our world. We turn to You in our time of need. Bring wisdom to doctors. Give understanding to scientists...
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    Take Me Home Country Roads

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    Anchor's Aweigh

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    Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

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    The First Noel on Piano

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    Abba Father

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    Playing Mathilda on Piano