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    we love to eat <3

    What did you eat for dinner today? :) Let us know :) You can add photo too ;)
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    hello :) <3

    i wasnt here on christianchat for almost one year :) but i am back now :) i am happy to be here ;) Love you all <3
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    Do you have any pets?

    Hi if you have pets share their pictures here :) I have Gerbil - Her name is Amy...
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    Prayer request

    Hi i want to ask you for prayer :) I have Math test on friday - summer school. Thanks ;)
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    Videogames :)

    Hi :D are you playing videogames? If yes... you can share here your fav ones... i sometimes play The sims/2/3/4 :P
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    good deed of the day :)

    Share your stories here :3 so today: I helped old woman in bus, because she had heavy bag :) I cooked a dinner for my mom, because i love her .
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    Do you have pets?

    Do you have pets :) ? if so post picture of them :) We have dog. His name is Max