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  1. Dynamaniac

    l need spiritual and financial breakthrough in my life

    I'm sorry you're experiencing these feelings. I can so very much relate. Remember that HE is never far away and HE will never forsake us. If we are feeling far away from Him, it's because we are the ones pulling away, not the other way around. We are emotional creatures and it's hard to...
  2. Dynamaniac

    3years old boy dying

    Are there any updates? Thank you so much for sharing this information. It is always such a privilege to pray for others, whether we know them or not. Father God, we come to you humbled by your blessings. Lord, we thank you for the privilege of prayer, the privilege of warfare from our knees...
  3. Dynamaniac

    please pray for this situation

    Noting is impossible for God. I pray that God will direct your path and guide your hand in this writing. I encourage you to just share your testimony with your grandfather. Just let him know how God has changed you and your life. Walk in kindness and love and be the blessing that He intends...
  4. Dynamaniac

    I need your prayer please for my broken heart am really hurting

    Thanks for the update, Cate. I'm so thankful that you've been blessed with wisdom from the Lord. The Lord protects us and sometimes it's hard to see when we're going through it. Stay positive and remain faithful. The Lord has great plans for your future and He knows your needs and your...
  5. Dynamaniac

    Finances for eyes surgery & Healing

    Lord, we lift up all in this situation, that healing be forthcoming, for wisdom from the doctors, and for provision for surgery. Lord, we pray for quick recovery and for your glory to be revealed through it all. Use this situation to touch lives and open hearts, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen!
  6. Dynamaniac

    I am struggling

    Lord, we thank you for your protection from more grief in this situation. We thank you that through trial, we gain endurance and through endurance, we gain character and from character, we gain hope. Build our endurance, Lord, that our character may produce more hope. We trust you, Father...
  7. Dynamaniac

    Prayer for a broken heart

    I'm so sorry for your grief. I pray that the Lord will wrap you in His arms and demonstrate His neverending love for you. Sometimes our will is not the same as God's. We have to be open to the idea that He is in control and that He is all about our protection. I'm not sure about the...
  8. Dynamaniac

    Confused in faith

    I am so sorry for your struggles. The circumstances surrounding your marriage and how it all came about are really of no relevance now. You've made your covenant with God and with your husband and the only choice you have is to honor that covenant. It sounds like you're aware of that. How are...
  9. Dynamaniac

    Please pray for me and my marriage!

    Lord, we pray for this marriage, that this union which You've ordained, that it will become one, again, in all ways. Lord, we pray for their faith to be restored in You and that You are glorified through this marriage. May Your glory be their goal, Lord, and may they be united with that goal...
  10. Dynamaniac

    I need prayer please

    Hi, Jenny712. I'm sorry you're struggling yet again with these thoughts. When you find yourself falling into these thoughts, remember your identity in God. You are loved and His beloved; you are blessed; you are a child of God; you are His daughter; you are free; you are many...
  11. Dynamaniac

    For my mother in law

    Lord, we know that complete healing comes through death for those who believe, for we know that death is the only way to be united with You in eternity. We pray for Your will, Lord, that this mother be healed, that this family trust You and Your ways, Lord. We pray that You comfort this family...
  12. Dynamaniac

    " The One" 💘

    There are so many things to think about when it comes to marriage. Ask yourself these questions. Are each of you putting God first? Are you loving each other through the love of Jesus. Remember that love is an action (something we do), it's not an emotion (something we feel). Are you...
  13. Dynamaniac

    Asking for a prayer

    We all struggle with our identity in Christ. I'm working through some of these same issues. I pray that your faith is strengthened and that you will learn about your true identity. You are loved, you are redeemed, you are child of God, you are worthy, you are beautiful. God says all of this...
  14. Dynamaniac

    depressed feel like a bad mom

    I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I'm not sure how you think you've failed, but remember God is in control and whether or not we mess up, he never messes up. Nothing is impossible for God! You are loved, you are worthy, you are redeemed, you are so many things in His eyes. It's our eyes...
  15. Dynamaniac


    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my brother three years ago, and there is nothing quite like the loss of a sibling. I pray that you will allow God to heal your pain, that He will speak to your heart and comfort you, for He alone knows your grief. And please know that we all grieve with...
  16. Dynamaniac

    My marriage

    I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. Sometimes it can be so hard for all of us to remember that love is something that we do, it's not something we feel. I pray that our Father in Heaven will bless you with a peace that surpasses understanding, that your family is reunited so that He is...
  17. Dynamaniac

    Aunt in hospital

    Father God, we lift Miri and her aunt to you. We pray for wisdom from the doctors and nurses; we pray for your will to be done. Lord, we pray for peace that surpasses understanding and for healing in accordance with your will. We thank you for Miri and her compassion in taking care of her...
  18. Dynamaniac

    Woman in chains

    Lord, we come in agreement. We pray for your guidance to be revealed, your love to be realized, and your will to be done. We pray for comfort, peace, and provision for all involved. In Jesus' name, amen!
  19. Dynamaniac

    Pray for my son who fractured his hand in an accident

    Father God, we thank you for the opportunity to lift this family and their son. We praise your name that healing will be quick and that pain will soon be relieved. We praise and thank you that injuries were limited. Bless this family and their faith. In the name of Jesus, Amen!
  20. Dynamaniac

    Needing Prayer

    I'm so sorry you're struggling. We pray for God's will to be done. We pray that the Father guides you to His path for you and that His peace, which surpasses understanding, is yours. We pray for your faith to be strengthened and expressed during these times of difficulty, and that your trust...