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    Who is the first and second beast? (1 from sea, 1 from earth)

    I have heard and read many say that the beast was NERO, but Nero did not rule for 42 months, he ruled for over a decade. So I don't believe it is Nero. I have heard some say its the papacy, the Pope, but then it would have to somehow account for the fact that there are two beasts, first one is...
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    Paul and Moses, whats wrong?

    I want to open up a discussion about how Paul seems to imply teaching the dietary laws as binding is from a deceiving spirit. This strikes me as very odd, as we know the law even if not applicable to us today, was not given by satan, but by God Himself. This same Paul calls the law "Holy" in...
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    Food in the Bible

    Hey guys I would like to make a thread where we list foods found or mentioned in the Bible. This would be interesting for someone who wants to form a biblical diet, and its a nice thread with no debate. I can tell bread, fish, lamb and goats are obviously mentioned. Does the Bible ever...