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  1. JosephsDreams

    NEW CC Perspectives on Levels of Conspiracy & Corruption in 2020 Election, CV19 & DS Existence

    4.16.22: They WANT US GONE! Keep sharing the TRUTH! Digital WARRIORS activated! PRAY! And We Know. tps://
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    NEW CC Perspectives on Levels of Conspiracy & Corruption in 2020 Election, CV19 & DS Existence

    So a little off subject , but even ten could not be found, then who was crying out from S and G?
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    Money lust

    Jesus said the love of money is the root of all evil for this people will reconcile how they can cross you Oh, how they lust for silver and gold for this they will sell their soul Wisdom is not your friend you say only cash can I depend You explain for it is in my bank account I feel secure...
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    The wandering lost

    When the world squeezes tight and it's time to say good night All that remains is Him the one who has always been The liars, the lost, the cheats they are always quick of feet Their mouths are open graves what they speak is nothing brave The users, the schemers, the lost the world tells them...
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    Prayer For Our Police

    Our penal system does more harm then good. Probably. The American police remind me of the Catholic church. But yes, we must pray for them.
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    Interest in Natural Health Forum?

    Healthy diet and lifestyle is the best remedy.
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    Immune boosters

    The best immune booster is not supplements. Although supplements can play a role, and i recommend some of them, Jay Newmans Ionic Collidol Silver among them. But getting back to the main subject, the best immune booster is proper diet and a healthy natural compatible lifestyle. Spiritual well...
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    Immune boosters

    Most light colors will interrupt sleep patterns, candle light included. Studies show that dark red light used as a night light for when going to the bathroom, or some such activity at night when you need a little light, does not disturb, or only slightly disturb, the circadian rhythm.
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    I don't know who you are, I've been on this site since late 2015, and for many reasons I don't come on here much anymore. I got an email earlier today saying someone commented in this thread, so I decided to see what they had to say. Not really expecting much, as most of the comments in the...
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    EPD diet

    Some animal products, fruits, vegetables, some seeds and nuts, and some grains.
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    EPD diet

    I am curious about the Karlovy diet plan. Do you specifically know what it is? I looked it up, and could not find it.
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    EPD diet

    I know about it. My mom has been taking creon for about 3 years now, for a similar reason you stated. I also know her diet plan, and she is doing well with it.
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    How do you respond, How can Christians vote for Trump?

    Who do you want me to vote for? Someone who is pro abortion?
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    Intermittent Fasting, Sauna

    That's great stuff. If I can humbly submit, due to circadian rhythms, its optimal to do the window between around 9am to 5pm. Or 9:30am, 10am to 5:30pm, 6pm. We all should try to eat no later then around 6:30, 7pm. Seven at night is already pushing it. We should have our last meal at least 3...
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    Im not even going to say for what. Let the spirit lead you.

    Thank you in advance for your heartfelt prayers.
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    Anyone interested in the protocol for limiting the insidious damage vaccinations do, PM me. BTW, the day is coming when all teachers and seniors will have to take vaccinations. God help us all.
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    Trying Keto. Any advice?

    Keto is a transition diet. It can and will do damage in the long run. I'm not a big fan of it. No more then 6 months. Why not just do a lifestyle change that is sustainable and healthy?