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  1. Evmur


    War is coming. I hate to be so gloomy, I thought I would live out my days in peace. There comes a point in international affairs where all the players agree on both sides that war is the only answer. It will be nuclear. Worst of all I think we are in the wrong.
  2. Evmur

    Approaching end of life

    Don't worry I haven't been diagnosed with anything ;) but I am old now. My family history, my physical condition and medical history all combine to tell me that soon I must go the way of all the earth. I am daily experiencing something NEW and I must tell you about it. I am seized by a sudden...
  3. Evmur

    I saw Putin ... oh yes

    I should have shared this weeks ago. I saw Putin in a vision, some of yous believe in visions. He was pushed up against a wall, angry, he had the looks of a man who was being pushed into a fight when he didn't want to. He looked directly at me. I now can understand what the look meant. How this...
  4. Evmur

    The Wider Mercy #1 The Missing Bride

    Matt. 25 Then shall the kingdom of Heaven be likened unto 10 virgins which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom and 5 of them were wise and five were foolish. they that were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them but the wise took oil with their lamps while the...
  5. Evmur

    Election, that most contentious doctrine.

    Election is the golden thread which runs all the way through the bible, God chooses who will serve Him, who will be His people on the earth, who will be His witnesses. ELECTION IS NOT UNTO SALVATION PER SE. THAT is where the mistake lies, the mistake both Augustine and Calvin made which has...
  6. Evmur

    A golden key to understand the book of Revelations

    The book came without a title, the title was added to it. The opening line should read. The revelation to John, the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him [John] to show unto His servants and He made it known by sending His angel to His servant John. It is not revelations it is...
  7. Evmur

    Canadian sunrise or saved from suicide

    I was cutting across Kensington Gore heading home to my flat in Earl's Court London in the wee small hours of Sunday morning and as I looked down Exhibition Rd I saw a man who was as drunk as drunk can be, he was reeling from side to side from the wrought iron railings to the very edge of the...
  8. Evmur

    Is Texas inching towards secession?

    Perhaps other states too.
  9. Evmur

    "Lord will only few be saved?"

    Jesus did not answer directly, He often doesn't. He might have said "yea Pete, just a few shrivelled souls" Here is my understanding of what He said. "Never mind who or how many will be saved that is none of your business, that is MY job. What you need to worry about is making sure you enter...
  10. Evmur

    ... funny how well loved Spurgeon is ...

    Or Bunyan come to that, the 2 most read preachers and writers since the reformation. And yet both were dyed in the wool Calvinists. Now I have never read Calvin, I decided early on not to, but Spurgeon has been ballast to my vessel for over 40 years. I have read many volumes of his sermons and...
  11. Evmur

    's' no such thing as human freewill

    The doctrine of human freewill is an affront to God, it is an affront which He is very merciful and long suffering about. If it were true that human beings had freewill and the ability to follow through on their choice to do what is right there would not have been the need for God to send His...
  12. Evmur

    A little Chinese girl

    I was preaching in London's Hyde park and the place was packed with Sisters of Mercy nuns in their distinctive white habits. A little Chinese girl saw my bible and thinking I was one of that crowd came running over all breathless and blurted "oh I wish I could wear a white robe and have a pure...
  13. Evmur

    Israel, Beloved of God

    I'm gunna say some things which may surprise some people. God LOVES the Jews, He loves them in a special way, differently than the way He loves other nations. You say ah yes when they repent God will love them, or you will say ah yes Abraham, Isaac and Jacob et al, David, God certainly loved...
  14. Evmur

    I picked a magazine from off the pavement

    I left home and headed for London at 16, it was late 60s and I wanted the bright lights. After a few years I found myself working as a department manager in a tough retail operation working long hours and rooming with some 30 other lads in a North London hostel, all junior managers. We were...
  15. Evmur

    Common expressions of surprise

    If you can keep 'em clean what are your favourite expressions of surprise. "Love a duck! .... luvva duck! .... lumma duck!" "stone the crows!" "well I'm blowed!"
  16. Evmur

    I will daughter you (song of Ruth)

    I will daughter you follow you wherever you may go though ties may now be broken love will not have it so I will follow you * You won't be alone I'll come too however hard the road together we walk it we'll share the heavy load I will daughter you. * Never take my freedom from me by sending me...
  17. Evmur

    Evmur (Billy) checking in.

    Hello nice to meet you. :)