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    I want to rededicate my life to Jesus

    over the past few months I have strayed far off the straight and narrow path. Earlier in the year i had tried to form a relation ship with God, but in the process I had some self riotousness that I was trying to deny. And it lead to me becoming selfish. In other words I was trying to make the...
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    where am I?

    I've been told countless times that you cant be on the fence when it comes to Christ, my problem is that I don't even know where the fence is. I don't know which direction I'm going in either. a few months ago I got really "religious" and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday nights. the...
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    American schools are brainwashing students

    Schools are teaching evolution to students as a dogmatic truth. In my personal experience they start to directly teach it in the 6th grade where they begin to teach radiocarbon dating and "millions and millions of years". Most of the lies they teach to their students have been proven wrong for...
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    please pray for my parents

    Both my Mom, and Dad have Covid-19 and they are very sick. On top of this im having to take care of my younger brother and the house with a pinched nerve in my back. So you can just pray for my family and my back. Thank you very much and God bless
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    family is quarantined

    hello everyone my sister and mother currently have covid-19 and my brother might also, it also is happening at a really bad time for our family and its been very stressful. So if you could please pray for me and my family that would be amazing.
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    what are some good songs I should listen to?

    I'm trying to listen to more Christian songs, and am trying to make a new playlist for it. so please give me some suggestions ( songs or artist) ill take anything really. I have a very diverse taste in music. also if any of you guys have made your own music I would love to support you guys.
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    How can I tell when God needs me to do something?

    I'm 15 years old, so im not living a completely independent life. I mean I still have people bossing me around (which doesnt bother me), but that does seem to make it harder for me to focus on things I feel God wants me to do. What im trying to say I guess is that I feel like God is wanting me...
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    What is something you can hope for (other than faith) that you have never seen?

    try and think of something you can hope for that you've never seen. I cant even think of anything that I've never seen. everything I think of is based off something that I have seen.
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    please pray for my grandfather

    My grandfather is in poor health and is not saved. he lives far from me and I'm trying to get to him, so just please pray for the situation.