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  1. Oncefallen

    Is Awaiting Moderator Approval standard on all boards when starting a thread?

    Here, it is. Only a very few long term users get to bypass new thread screening.
  2. Oncefallen

    Chat stuff

    I don't know if some of the more tech savy people have figured out a workaround, but currently the app is only available for android.
  3. Oncefallen

    I’m sort of new here…

    :eek: Welcome back.
  4. Oncefallen

    Lost password to site

    I'll send a PM in a little bit. RoboOp could take quite a while to get back to you on this.
  5. Oncefallen

    How do you reconcile these verse

    Ummmm........... What is there to reconcile?
  6. Oncefallen

    Lost password to site

    I'm confused, how did you log in without your password?
  7. Oncefallen

    on computers

    Claimed age from her profile. She joined in 2014 shortly after her 13th birthday, either that or she lied about her age when she joined but there is no way to confirm that. Obviously her profile pic would lean towards her being very young, but she may not have changed it in the six years she's...
  8. Oncefallen

    on computers

    As already has been posted by multiple users, each post in this thread has the proper time/date stamp. Clearly the issue is on your end, not the site. There is absolutely no evidence (other than your "gut feeling") that there is anything amiss with either of these users. As I told you in...
  9. Oncefallen

    on computers

    There is a time (or date) stamp on EVERY post in this thread. Once the post goes beyond several days to a week old the site just shows the date the post was made rather than day and time. You can look through any thread on this site and see the NO POST beyond a week old shows the time it was...
  10. Oncefallen

    on computers

    Someday users will figure out that Christian Chat doesn't have millions of dollars in funding to keep a full time staff to reply to each and every report personally in real time. I review each and every reported post as I have time and by far the majority of them really don't justify a personal...
  11. Oncefallen

    Why has the chat application disappeared from the google store?

    See this thread for a new link (not Google) to download the app.
  12. Oncefallen

    Download link for Christian Chat app for Android

    Hey everyone, a user posted an alternative source to download the Android version of the app in User2User Tech Support
  13. Oncefallen

    Back from the deads thread

    Sure, it's possible that the OP is trolling. However, it's also possible that the OP is asking what he perceives to be a legitimate question based on misconceptions about some people's doctrine. A Pentecostal/Charismatic believer could reasonably (yet wrongly) perceive that Cessationists...
  14. Oncefallen

    How do I know 100% if a user is still here or not?

    Without knowing who the user is, I can't answer definitively. If the user's account is deleted they will always have the user title "Guest" (that title is added automatically by the site software when the account is deleted). If the user is banned, they may (or may not) have the user title...
  15. Oncefallen

    I would prefer to enter a discussion with people concerning scripture discussion online in real time that is when it gets interesting.

    Currently our live chat is only accessible to users who have been around a bit. GooglePlay Store removed our app so new users can't get the download.
  16. Oncefallen

    Chat app?

    The link doesn't work because Google Play Store dropped our app.
  17. Oncefallen

    Trinity or Unity

    Just a fair warning, Christian Chat holds that any doctrine other that Trinitarianism is heresy and those promoting heresy risk being removed. I will allow a little leeway for the purposes of this thread.
  18. Oncefallen

    Charles Stanley preacher

    This site is not "associated" with any organization. It is privately owned and operated solely on donations and what minimal income is generated by subscription fees.
  19. Oncefallen

    Posting problems

    Allow me to clear up your confusion. First, every sub-forum is clearly described as to the type of thread that belongs in it thus this thread belongs here, not in the "New Users" forum where you posted it. Second, (as has been explained to you before) all new threads are subject to a screening...
  20. Oncefallen

    Chat Rooms Down Yet Again...

    Someone asked me to join this discussion, but ultimately I know no more that any of you. Chat has been down for several days but RoboOp has not logged in to CC since Saturday (it's almost unheard of for him to not log in for more than a day).