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  1. Angela53510

    COVID and the 1% Death Rate!

    Just found this article from last year. It still rings true! " How can a disease with 1% mortality shut down Canada? There are two problems with this question: 1) It neglects the law of large numbers, and 2) It assumes that one of two things happen; you die or you are 100% fine. Canada has a...
  2. Angela53510

    Prayers for Levi and family

    I would ask that everyone in this forum to pray for Levi and his family in India. He and his wife and daughter all caught COVID and are still not recovered. Levi is always so faithful to pray for others in this forum. Let's now in turn pray for the healing of Levi and his family!
  3. Angela53510

    Prayer for my Mom

    My mom is 91 and living in independent living with support. Last night she didn't put the light on when she went to the bathroom, fell and broke her left pelvis. In Jan, 2020 she fell and broke her right pelvis. About a month after she got home from the hospital she broke her left hip, which was...
  4. Angela53510

    Prayer for Salvation for Robyn

    I have an atheist friend on FB from Australia. Another Christian friend and I have been witnessing to her for 5 years. Today, we realized she had a totally wrong understanding of the gospel. We were able to explain what the gospel is. Her heart is still hard, but she at least knows the real...
  5. Angela53510

    Trudeau Wins Minority Gov't

    Worst news for Canada. Obama's buddy, Justin Trudeau won the election, with leftist promises for free everything, no costed budget. Some Canadians feel Trudeau won because he bought out the already biased MSM with $600 million to only write nice things about him, so they covered the bad stuff...
  6. Angela53510

    Canadian Pastor Arrested for Preaching the Gospel.

    On the streets of Toronto, Ontario on Sunday, (June, 23, 2019) two events happened. 1. The Pride Parade. Many men were naked, and simulated sex was seen among the participants. The parade had been billed as "family friendly" and young children were in attendance and saw these men walking...
  7. Angela53510

    Prayer for the pain to ease!

    Every day the pain is increasing. I can barely use my left hand and foot, or my right knee. My hands are covered with painful RA nodules, the neuropathy is getting worse. I don't think it is actual Rheumatoid flares, but just damage catching up with me. Our worship team was playing this...
  8. Angela53510

    Trudeau's SNC-Lavalin Scandal

    A great 10 minute video of Michelle Rempel, a Conservative MP (Member of Parliament!) from Calgary, Alberta. She outlines Canada's latest scandal with Trudeau and his obstruction attempts with the former Attorney General, Jody Wilson- Raybould. Basically Trudeau has been interfering and...
  9. Angela53510

    Pneumonia - need prayer!

    I've had it for 5 days, and I am just totally wiped out. Please pray that the meds will work, and that God will help my body recover. Thanks!
  10. Angela53510

    Prayer for Deborah!

    Deborah is an American cousin of mine who lives in California. We are all very close on that side of the family. Today I found out she has Stage IV Ovarian cancer. They operated to pull out the tumors, but found it had gone into the lymph nodes. So, it has spread through her whole body. She is...
  11. Angela53510

    Prayer and a praise!

    My left hand has become very damaged from RA tendon flares, and the three outside fingers now drift off to the outside. It is extremely painful playing flute, including on a worship team in church is almost impossible. I've been playing flute for almost 50 years. It is my joy! I also cannot...
  12. Angela53510

    Christmas Carol

    Carol of the Bells is one of my favourite Christmas Carols, plus it comes from the country where my grandparents immigrated from, a culture I was extensively exposed to, growing up. This is arranged by Isaac Cates. Maybe everyone could post a video of their favourite Christmas carol. And if...
  13. Angela53510

    Prayer for My Body

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and thought I had it bad. Well, 1 1/2 weeks ago, I woke up in agony, my neck, shoulder blade, shoulder and elbow were killing me. In addition, later in the day my left index finger went numb, and it has stayed that way ever since. Two trips to the ER showed my...
  14. Angela53510

    Ladies Forum Reminder

    To all of us women, who want and need a Ladies Forum, this thread is a reminder to the PTB that we are still waiting. Further, when there is not a Ladies Forum, then it tends to get a bit salty in the other forums. Like this one, getting downright over spiced on page 2...
  15. Angela53510

    Prayer for a Suicidal Friend

    A woman I know through a health forum, has a plan to commit suicide, including a date. She is really happy right now, which is another bad sign! Because, she thinks it will all be over soon. A mutual friend wrote me out of the blue, to confirm she has posted elsewhere about this. I want to...
  16. Angela53510

    Ladies Forum

    This forum is still missing. It was a good forum for women to talk about various issues that were not appropriate for other forums. I do hope it will reappear! Thanks in advance!
  17. Angela53510

    Page numbers

    Pages?? They seem to be missing! I hope these will be added back, as negotiating threads is a nightmare! Especially the longer ones. Why is it when forums go to new formats, they bring in these great new things, like all the new options for responding to a thread, but leave out essentials...
  18. Angela53510

    Prayer for my Brother

    My brother, Wayne, has been in hospital for 2 weeks with an infection. They finally found out he has a bone infection in his spine, which will require surgery and he may be paralyzed. He is also not a Christian, although he was so happy I offered to pray for him, before I left. Please pray...
  19. Angela53510

    Liver Cleanse

    I have to get liver tested every 6 weeks, because I am on some very harsh cancer drugs, to suppress my RA. Methotrexate is the prime culprit, it is also the drug I need the most, in combo with 2 other chemo drugs, a DMARD - Arava and a biologic - Orencia. But, methx is the worst, and...
  20. Angela53510

    Nation Unites?

    "WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ—According to results from a Monmouth University poll released Friday, Americans have finally put their differences aside and united around a common cause: their utter hatred of the New England Patriots NFL football team. Pollsters asked over 30,000 randomly selected...