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  1. ronnie97044

    Default room

    I have mentioned in the past about changing the default room on the chat app so I thought I would bring it up for a refresh. I think they should make the CC Cafe the default room when you log on to the chat app for general chatting so that if someone wants to do a in depth bible study people can...
  2. ronnie97044

    Default room

    It was brought up that the default room bible study when we log into the christian chat app should be changed. When you log in it brings you into the bible study room and most people just chat about random stuff but some want to do a bible study. So my suggestion is can robo op change the...
  3. ronnie97044

    Prayers for my wife

    Please pray for my wife Kim, she is been having anxiety along with her PTSD being triggered by a past experience. Its been night and day with her, one min. she is fine the next she is having an attack. All the prayers you have would be appreciated.
  4. ronnie97044

    New messages on chat

    When I log in to the CC site it says I have new messages on the new chat bar but they will not load. All I see is a circle going round and round.
  5. ronnie97044

    E-Mail notifications

    I think that getting an e-mail notification every time someone sends you a message is a bit daunting. I think it should be only for ROBO OP's monthly e-mail or other business CC has.
  6. ronnie97044

    Less chat rooms

    Why did they get rid of the Agape, CC Cafe and Upper Room chat rooms?
  7. ronnie97044

    Pray for Oregon

    We have a several wildfires in Oregon and can use all your prayers for this to be under control and put out.