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  1. TimothyGirl

    New here

    Hey Zander, and welcome! Your transparency is refreshing, and may God give you the answers you're looking for. My prayer is that more than being convinced through facts and information, that you would encounter Him who loves you so very much. At the end of the day, nothing you read will convince...
  2. TimothyGirl

    Last person to post wins!!!

    Oh sure, pick on the kid... :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
  3. TimothyGirl

    Last person to post wins!!!

    Me and Ruby don't find that funny, do we, @Ruby123? (Us girls, we gotta stick together, you know?!)
  4. TimothyGirl

    Last person to post wins!!!

    >>>>Calculating <<<< Yip! It's my turn!!
  5. TimothyGirl

    Last person to post wins!!!

    The only language I understand is VICTORY!
  6. TimothyGirl

    Last person to post wins!!!

    Sneaking in.... and stealing the win from BBG....
  7. TimothyGirl

    Very worried about Sexuality

    So I was just browsing through the different threads looking to see if there were any posts that have been left unanswered. Especially in the teen section because we have a responsibility towards you guys to teach, mentor and intruct. I came across yours, @Nando, and whilst it's not an easy...
  8. TimothyGirl

    Returning Member!

    Hey VictoryBelle and welcome (back)! I believe we've already "rubbed shoulders" in the Chat Thread :) Nice to meet you and looking forward to seeing you around some more. You said to feel free to ask you questions... just wondering, what's the story behind VictoryBelle as a username? I like the...
  9. TimothyGirl

    The Chat Thread

    Just some encouragement for anyone who needs it... I went for a walk earlier in my day needing a "time out" -- hoping for some perspective from the Lord. Sometimes life just gets too much. I poured out my heart to the Lord, wondering "where to from here" (I'm sure I'm not the only one facing...
  10. TimothyGirl


    That's awesome, Tender 🙂 If you ask the Lord, He will lead you to the right church for you. I recall when I was looking for a church to settle in myself, how He led me to what would be my home for the next 15 years... even if it takes time, keep persevering til you find one that "feels right"...
  11. TimothyGirl


    Hi and welcome to CC! It was refreshing to read your introduction, and I'm looking forward to seeing you around in the threads. I love what you said about how the Bible has stories for everything. I can well imagine it must have been a pillar of strength throughout your enlistment. I'm...
  12. TimothyGirl


    Hi and welcome to CChat, Daniel :)
  13. TimothyGirl


    And welcome to you too, @Emmers :) May you be blessed and find the fellowship that you desire 🙂
  14. TimothyGirl


    Hi Tender, and welcome -- both to CC and the family :) It's awesome to hear how our Lord met you and called Him to Himself: may that encounter stick with you and strengthen you in your hardest times. It's awesome to hear your fire, and you've certainly done the right thing in reaching out to...
  15. TimothyGirl


    (A thread I find I can't resist!! 😂😂) The Land Before Bacon Or... to be a little more creative (Sorry -- I couldn't resist!!)