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  1. Agbarogi

    How was your date?

    No I have not dating is not the best.
  2. Agbarogi

    Rapists Cannot Be Saved

    They can be saved with God all things are possible. Christ came for this type & not for those that need no repentance.
  3. Agbarogi

    What is the Assemblies of God church stance on tongues?

    Assemblies of God church is my church. They believe on the holy spirit baptism and speaking in tongues and prophecy on regular services
  4. Agbarogi

    "...lead us not into temptation..." God would tempt us?

    That God should guide us when we are tempted so that we will not yield or fall to temptation
  5. Agbarogi

    Ask the user below you a question

    Did u pray today
  6. Agbarogi

    a born-again Christian can never (keyword: never) lose their salvation

    Practically speaking I have seen and experience it there are those that got saved but along the road they felt they cannot continue they yeld to d temptation of the devil they want to enjoy d pleasure of sin
  7. Agbarogi

    a born-again Christian can never (keyword: never) lose their salvation

    A born again can loss his salvation if he or she did not guide his salvation with fear & trembling. If a born again place his hand on the plague and look back he or she is not qualify for d kingdom. If u are born again u now later go back to your sinful nature u have loss it
  8. Agbarogi

    Speaking in Tongues: Its Origins [Ancient and Modern], Purpose, and Power

    Speaking in tongue is real and interpretation is real. Without the holy spirit there is no church. It is the holy spirit that is the Power of Christians and the power of the church. The holyspirit is our comfort without d holyspirit we have powerless Christians. It is the Holy spirit that makes...
  9. Agbarogi


    A pastor is one call by God and must a true child of God. A good pastor is one that follow the word of God as his standard not his not his own standard to fit his purpose. A bad pastor is the one not lead by God & not called by God. They don't follow bible standard but have their set standard...
  10. Agbarogi

    Lost in relationship

    In all u do put God first u will know that this relationship will not end well because if u continued there will b outside relationship from both of u and it will end your marriage
  11. Agbarogi

    Pastor is raising RS 10,00,000($15,000) to construct Church hall

    I pray that God will provide and touch as many that get the leaflets to support in Jesus name
  12. Agbarogi

    Please pray for Muslims

    Lord I pray you make the Muslims become Christians in Jesus name amen
  13. Agbarogi

    global warming will destroy the Earth

    Global warming cannot destroy the earth
  14. Agbarogi

    Conspiracy against cats.

    I don't like cats no matter what their sight is dreadful.
  15. Agbarogi

    Sunday worship / Christmas / Easter and all the rest....

    Day of worship those not matter but have a knowledge of who you worship know him for who he is. For Christmas no date in the bible we just pick that day to celebrate Jesus birth
  16. Agbarogi

    Anger management

    Just sit down and ask yourself some questions about life in different areas and analysis yourself see a doctor and much prayer should be done also
  17. Agbarogi

    Gay wedding

    Like seriously I won't advice you to attend it is not only those that commit the sin that have sinned including those that have pleasure in them if u attend it means u are supporting it thank u
  18. Agbarogi

    How do we withstand Loneliness?

    Loneliness can only be overcome with Jesus he is a Friend that sink closer than a brother.with Jesus u can't be lonely because he is ever present just fellowship with him worship him, praise him, commune with him read his word then no need for loneliness