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  1. ChrisTillinen

    Christ the Lord of Eternity Reigns Over Time

    In this life a vision of divine beauty Is faintly seen through array of mirrors The mystery of love that goes beyond duty Once entered the realm of wrongs and errors Where blind eyes ached to open for new hope To behold the beggar in the purified white robe Made from the elusive fabric of time...
  2. ChrisTillinen

    Could You Spend 3 Years on a Cruise Ship?

    I'd be worried about poor Wi-Fi and seasickness. Otherwise, I suppose I could do it. If $30,000 per year really included basically everything, it wouldn't even be unreasonably expensive.
  3. ChrisTillinen

    The Cruciform Theodrama

    Thanks. First I thought I'd save this one for Good Friday, but perhaps I'll be able to write another poem or two on the same topic by that time. Also, could you comment on how clearly discernible the rhyme pattern is in your opinion? It is: A B C A B C So I wouldn't really fault a reader for...
  4. ChrisTillinen

    Village of Being

    Yeah, I guess possible connections to both Lazarus and "all men" did occur to me, but I was too unsure to suggest them because I thought I might be missing some more obvious meaning and didn't want to embarrass myself. :LOL:
  5. ChrisTillinen

    The Cruciform Theodrama

    Angelic observers in heavenly spheres See the face of darkness rising As serpent from its ancient root Hands of the Righteous One soon pierced World's rulers enthralled in the dark enticing As nails convey our sin and reveal painful truth Arms outstretched he is uplifted in mid-air As in his...
  6. ChrisTillinen

    Village of Being

    Very interesting, and I like it! I'm not sure I understood the significance of the name Laz D’Allmon.
  7. ChrisTillinen

    The Flower by His Dark Path

    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it! There are two small details in this poem that kind of break the pattern. First is the line "As he arose he saw a form of cross". It's the only line that doesn't rhyme at all. First I thought of ways to make it rhyme and had a bit of a sense of disappointment if I...
  8. ChrisTillinen

    Longings to See You

    I like this a lot. Also like the formatting and grouping of lines in this one. "But is there more? There is always more with you infinite God" Seems to capture a lot of your approach in poetry. Exploration of the infinite riches of God, seen only dimly through the mirror in this life, but...
  9. ChrisTillinen

    Inside Out Universe

    This is very good. Many good ideas. Some enjoyably unexpected expressions that work well. While my musical skills aren't anywhere near the level where I could easily turn my poems into songs (at least not yet, and quite possibly never), I also find that music is a great source for ideas for...
  10. ChrisTillinen

    The Flower by His Dark Path

    Sad eyes of a man who walks the roadside Hint of quietly suffering soul's drought His shell is now empty but still fit to hide The depth of sense of sorrow life has brought Once again he passes by an old church A beacon of his childhood now distant By the path he sees a blue iris under a birch...
  11. ChrisTillinen

    Is Manifesting a sin?

    Many people speak of "manifesting" in connection with the "Law of Attraction". Seems quite suspect to me.
  12. ChrisTillinen

    Boundless Love

    I like this poem. In particular, God's boundless love overflowing from us and watering other souls is a great image! By the way, I often see what seem to be unnecessary empty lines in the middle of your poems. If that's not on purpose, I'd recommend using the "preview" button before posting...
  13. ChrisTillinen

    Indwelling Image In The New Temple

    I guess I'm not sure as to what exactly you mean by the question, so it's hard to answer. Parts of the poem allude to Adam (both indirectly to the first Adam in the garden and also more directly to Christ as the second Adam).
  14. ChrisTillinen

    Indwelling Image In The New Temple

    Thanks! Yes, I wrote it (if that's what you're asking).
  15. ChrisTillinen

    Indwelling Image In The New Temple

    Brief explanation of the poem. From eternity past to future everlasting Your love and glory know no bound World's contrast with its shadow casting Hides a place where a treasure is found Contrast between the perfection of God and the imperfection of the fallen world. Shadow hiding a place...
  16. ChrisTillinen

    Indwelling Image In The New Temple

    From eternity past to future everlasting Your love and glory know no bound World's contrast with its shadow casting Hides a place where a treasure is found You did once dwell in temple made of stone Giving hope to hardness of human heart That humble temples of lowly flesh and bone May also see...
  17. ChrisTillinen

    Christian Metal

    Finnish Christian hymns arranged in metal: There's also this concept of "Metallimessu" where they are actually played during church services: While I like good Christian metal, I don't personally feel the need to have it played in a church. But I'm not really against it either.
  18. ChrisTillinen

    Temptations in the Wilderness

    I guess it's clear enough to many or most people who might be reading this, but Matthew 3:13-4:11 (and some parallel passages) is the New Testament basis for this poem. So it starts from the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan and continues with the devil trying to tempt Jesus in the...
  19. ChrisTillinen

    Temptations in the Wilderness

    The land of eternal promises in mind The new Joshua has finally arrived In accord with the will of the Father In baptism crossing Jordan's water All of God's people summed up to one Heart weighing but not as stone New Moses revisits the wilderness Carrying heavy demand of righteousness The...