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  1. christian74

    Kind of work

    Didn't know there was a thread like this - good thread. I used to work grocery delivery job last year for about 3-4 months and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wake up early, be at ready at the parking lot in the mall, get to watch beautiful sunrise while having fellowship with God. I love driving and...
  2. christian74

    Will you compromise your non-negotiable?

    Good thread. Non-negotiables eh? Let me see.. Kindness. Bringing in the first fruit of your labor - tithe. Conservative (which implies lot of things these days). That's all I can thing of - oh, and no vegan for me.
  3. christian74

    Describe Yourself in Three Words Only

    Chinese Japanese Mexican
  4. christian74

    10 Questions

    1 - What are your hobbies or things you do for fun? 2 - Growing up, were you closer to your father or mother? Is it the same now? Mother. Yes, deeper with Mother, much closer with Father. 3 - What are some of your favorite movies or books? Series by Haruki Murakami / Meet Joe Black, Indecent...
  5. christian74

    What kind of drink are you?

    I had a glass of red wine with dinner tonight - it was full of aroma when I placed the glass to my face before taking first sip and it ended up getting to me a little at the end. Didn't expect to let it get to me but maybe it was a good expensive wine? Don't know since I asked for a glass of...
  6. christian74

    How do Singles respond to, "You have no life", etc.

    How do you respond to such comment? It's simple - you don't respond. You are full of life (so they are dead wrong) and even if you think you have no life, don't give your time of the day to such negativity. And last, it's time to cut that fellow Christians out of your life if they are around.
  7. christian74

    Why Do Things Got To Be So Complicated?

    The way I see it is they are just not interested in you and/or don't want anything serious (and you certainly don't want to be with someone who is not interested in you, do you?) I wouldn't take any lack of interest/engagement from women as anything meaningful. I wouldn't look into any "dating...
  8. christian74

    Find a partner to study the Bible together

    Good idea (actually it's a great idea). I've been getting thoughts of people living apart in distance doing a Bible reading - it sounds like nothing (and why not read it for yourself alone?) but I feel like something good will come out of it when the believers come together, even separated by...
  9. christian74

    Should i move to LA ?

    California resident here (LA), 30+ years. The state's been injected with illegal immigration from the south and you can see the adverse effect over the years. Homeless poulation has been increasing/spreading now into suburban/residential area as well. It's going down slowly for sure, perhaps...
  10. christian74

    229 Christian Missionaries in Afghanistan Sentenced to Death

    I apologize for not checking the source before posting (did search twitter just to be safe and saw one and thought it was legit). I received the "news" via text from an old friend, shared with others including here, and prayed. Only comfort is that most praying was done in the Spirit so nothing...
  11. christian74

    How High Should One's Sexual Wanting Be as a Motivator to Get Married?

    Didn't read much of it (suffering from severe short attention span these days so please excuse me posting) and got some random thoughts to share: 1. If sex is the only reason he wants to get married (I assume it's he), then at least I will give some credit for doing so. Premarital sex is...
  12. christian74

    President of Haiti Rejected Vaccines. He's now assassinated. USA sending Haiti vaccines.

    Three countries refused to take the vaccine - Haiti, Tanzania, and Madagascar. The president of Tanzania (John Magufuli) and Madagascar (Didier Ratsiraka) also died in March of this year. I'm sure it's a coincidence.
  13. christian74

    Three Curtains

    I knew the answer only because this same question was asked in a movie called '21' (it's about counting cards, Kevin Spacey) but never really understood why until having read your explanation.
  14. christian74

    Crippled, Cannot Work,Cannot Marry, living miserably with sexual desire

    Stop keep sealing your destiny with all these negativies comning out of your mouth. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so (Psalm 107:2) Are you saved and redeemed by the blood of Jesus? If so, say so and start speaking changes into your situation. Ezekiel 37 - The Dry Bones Live You may find...
  15. christian74

    A new president in 2024.

    Everything you say, however it may sound forward-thinking, logical, and reasonable, is irrelvant, completely irrelvant; and I'm saying this in the tune of Ecclesiastes' "everything is meaningless, completely meaningless." What you think, and what I think for that matter, is all irrelvant...
  16. christian74

    A new president in 2024.

    I disagree. You don't move on when your real property has been stolen - you fight for it and make sure the thief gets prosecuted. I believe President Trump will regain the control of the White House soon as he is the rightful winner. Biden won't last, Kamala will be thrown under the bus, the...
  17. christian74

    A question for the men...

    INSTANTLY? Septum piercing takes the top spot for me.
  18. christian74

    Single forever

    My standard is if I were a father and someone like ME wanted to date and marry my daughter (apple of my eye), would I approve this relationship or do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't happen simply becaue this guy isn't ready? Do an honest assessment of yourself and ask yourself if...
  19. christian74

    Different news sources

    My opinion on the subject is that the news media has become so biased to one direction in last several years to the point where it almost feels like you need something blantantly biased in the opposite direction to sort of "balance" the political spectrum. Personally I don't watch news but will...