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    Can atheists be happy?

    Anyone can be happy as happiness depends on circumstances. Joy on the other hand is a fruit of the Spirit and comes from God. As such it doesn't matter the circumstances, joy can overcome them. Only a Christian can know joy. So an atheist might be happy but that happiness is only temporary.
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    Not By Works

    I also like to separate the Word in my posts, I usually post what I write in a larger size then post the Word in an even larger size. I am just now finding my way around this new set up. Hope that helps. Shalom.
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    Difference between men and animals

    I believe that when the Word says we are created in God's image it means we are also triune beings (flesh, soul, spirit). We know there are horses in Heaven, so why not other animals as well? I would go so far as to say one of the best examples of agape love is between a dog and his master. I...
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    Not By Works

    Nope. I can tell you the sequence of events but I can not explain it.
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    Not By Works

    Perhaps I misspoke. I was trying to infer that what I want doesn't matter. My flesh is wicked and will be until I get my glorified body. I am saying that we can in no way,shape or form ever save ourselves or keep ourselves saved. I tried to escape the slavery of addiction for 30 years, failed...
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    Not By Works

    If you're relying on your obedience to stay saved you might want to rethink your plan. Since Heaven requires 100% righteousness and 0% sin our only chance at salvation is by being in Christ. All our obedience, good works whatever are as filthy rags. ONLY Jesus saves. Not Jesus plus obedience or...
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    Not By Works

    The highlighted part was not included in the original texts, but let's just say it was. Later on in Romans, Paul states very clearly what is needed to remain in Christ. Romans 8:8-9 9But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man...
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    Why the Adversary HATES the Pre-Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture

    I like those left behind books....just sayin.
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    The Bride of Christ, NOT who (rather what) you think it is.

    A discussion between better theologians than myself....think i'll just read this one.:)
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    Comment by 'FlSnookman7' in media 'IMG_20180512_171953_336.jpg'

    Wow, you are so pretty! What a great pic!
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    Job and its relevance to our struggles

    Wanted to agree with you then pose a witty reply but I am on the next to last day of my 4th 94 hr week in a row and i'm just not very witty at the moment. I am grateful for the work but I do get a bit tired sometimes. Also my OT knowledge is lacking. o_O:):coffee:
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    Can a person be born without a soul?

    We are made in God's image. Just as He is a triune being we are also triune in the sense that we ARE a spirit that HAS a soul that lives in our body, or our flesh. The Word tells me time and again that the battle for my spirit is a done deal. The Word also tells me my flesh is and will always be...
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    New answers for a new topic!!

    about 44 inches long and 25 lbs or so..
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    When I manage to get to Ireland maybe i'll have a coffee with you on the way!
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    Comment by 'FlSnookman7' in media 'sunrise.jpg'

    It's the Atlantic ocean so...kinda big.:)
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    Job and its relevance to our struggles

    Welcome to CC! Just a couple thoughts. Being a Christian is no promise of an easy life here. Being a Christian is often very trying indeed. At the same time I have found being a Christian is always amazing, can always be joyful and can also be peaceful. I also think it is important to...