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  1. ronnie97044

    Chat down

    I suggested that a while back about some one willing to fix the chat app that was tech savvy but no response to that suggestion. If the admin is too busy to maintain the app then I say let some one volunteer to do this for the good of the chat.
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    Comment by 'ronnie97044' in media 'Christmas2022s.png'

    Merry Christmas!! Love and God Bless
  3. ronnie97044

    Chat Down?

    As of 12/12 2022 they are down again.
  4. nativity scene 2.jpg

    nativity scene 2.jpg

    What Christmas is all about.
  5. christmas tree 2.jpg

    christmas tree 2.jpg

  6. ronnie97044

    Chat Rooms Down Yet Again...

    Chat is down again, I hope and pray the chat rooms come back.
  7. ronnie97044

    1997 film, The Apostle, with Robert Duvall and June Carter Cash

    I seen it and it was a good movie.
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    The media love to shove it into our faces even commercials are pushing it. But if we Christians try to share our beliefs or say something against them we get lynched and told we are bigots'.
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    Welcome and glad that you are here in CC.
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    Why has the chat application disappeared from the google store?

    Well if Robo wants to step down from taking care of the chat app he should post a message for someone who is tech savvy to remotely keep the app up and running. I am not a techy or know anything about apps but for some that uses it to chat might be the only way to fellowship with other Christian...
  11. ronnie97044

    Chat down

    Im here :) the chat is up but no one was in the rooms.
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    Comment by 'ronnie97044' in media 'Pirate Fair.jpg'

    This gentleman that does this show does a bird recovery to release birds into the wild. He trained his birds and this was for a fun photo op. I have met this guy over the years when he comes to the fair. This is also a male McCaw.
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    Comment by 'ronnie97044' in media 'Pirate Fair.jpg'

    It's Blue & Gold Mccaw.
  14. Pirate Fair.jpg

    Pirate Fair.jpg

    My favorite thing to go see at my local county fair. This guy puts on a good Parrot show, you get very educated with his knowledge of these birds.
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    Survey Poll: Will you take the Covid 19 Vaccine

    The world has been bonkers even before the pandemic started. I still see people still wearing masks even though they are fully vaxxed, I would call them germaphobes and people that are vaxxed still got covid. I myself have been fully vaxxed and I am not going to live in fear anymore when I hear...
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    Comment by 'ronnie97044' in media 'I'm so tired.'

    Feel better soon.
  17. me with hat.jpg

    me with hat.jpg

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    Comment by 'ronnie97044' in media ''Livin' on Love''

    Good song and artist.
  19. sunset kona 2.jpg

    sunset kona 2.jpg

    Kona Hawaii
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    Thats a blue-gill fish, perch are more slender. It got its name from the blue dot near his breathing gills.