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    Happy Late Valentine's Day to all of my new found friend's... Signed with heart's of Eternal Love... May GOD Bless Everyone🙂
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    What's up my brothers and sister's😁

    What's up my brother's and sister's😁
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    Hello, my name is James I don't know how this cite work... But im reaching out because i need true brothers and sisters

    I'm from New Jersey, and I'm single, I hope God brings me my Queen that I've been waiting extremely patiently for😊 God has blessed me with the love and compassion... To keep moving forward dispite the stormy seasons ,and to always give back to a brother r sister that are really in need...
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    Can someone tell me what its like to go on a real date... And be with someone who actually loves yo for not for what you can provide?🤔
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    I just Wanted to Say, Happy Valentine's DAY to all of you..... I hope that all the women are being treated like the Queens that GOD knows that you are...and I hope that all the men are being treated like the Kings that GOD Knows that you are I Love each band every one of you beautiful...
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    Comment by 'Loyalth888' in media '20210129_145029.jpg'

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    I just wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... I hope all of the Women are being treated like the QUEEN'S that GOD Knows that each

    I Just wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S Day... And I hope that every woman is being treated like the QUEENS that GOD Knows YOU ARE...And I hope that all of the men are being treated like the KINGS that GOD knows you are...🙂 Even though I'm a little bit bummed out about the whole valentines...
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    The Suicidal Christian

    (Thank you for your testimony, it really inspired me not to give up on my faith.... Because this goes to show me that everybody goes through hard-core trials and tribulations.... And God had send Pure Angeles your way to stop the enemy in his tracks... You did make the right choice, when you...
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    2-year anniversary!

    Thank you for sharing a little bit of your testimony, I understand that you went through emotional abuse, you should have not been treated like you did, I mean he just left you hurting.... I don't even know you... But just hearing that 😔 but The wonderful silverlining I in this is GOD's...
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    Repentance is the Gift Of God !

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    May The Most High Bless You A Your Whole Entire Family!!!🙂

    May The Most High Bless You A Your Whole Entire Family!!!🙂
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    Amen, GOD does supply all our needs....May GOD bless you and your whole family..... IN JESUS...

    Amen, GOD does supply all our needs....May GOD bless you and your whole family..... IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN!!!🙂
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    My short story

    Thank you for your loving support, and your welcome I needed to share it because I need spiritual guidance. And if it is in GOD's will, I will continue in the fight. Because I already tasted and seen that GOD IS GOOD🙂
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    My short story

    (Thank you very much Shanty for your prayers and love that you send my way, it really means a lot to me, thank you for uplifting me in encouraging me to stand strong in my faith, you are truly awesome... I also pray that you and your family stay safe and healthy I pray mega blessings over your...
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    My short story

    (Hey thank you for your support, it does mean a lot to me just because you have never done hard drugs, it doesn't mean that you don't understand. Because you do. We all have been through a lot of pain and suffering in this life.... Thank you so very much for your prayers ,because they mean so...
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    My short story

    Thank you, you all are Angeles to me it feels really good to know that I have brothers and wonderful sisters that care so much for me. Also thank you Magenta for the awesome praise and your worship songs with the lyrics... I was going through some things, and I was able to get my worship on. And...
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    My short story

    I live in California.. Downtown Los Angeles at The midnight Mission... I'm struggling in my faith... I was born in New Jersey at Washington Township hospital in Turnerseville NJ. I grow up in a broken home.... Although I love my Mother and Father its sad to say that they wasn't their for me or...