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  1. Mikhal

    What's the song currently going through your head?

    The Blizzard- Chris LeDoux
  2. Mikhal

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I WOULD say How do they intend to do that, but its happened so many times throughout History, I hate to even imagine what could potentially happen.
  3. Mikhal

    Lets laugh together!

  4. Mikhal

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Its interesting you mention this Lynx, in my study this morning Matt. 12: 25 jumped out at me, I shared it to my Facebook.
  5. Mikhal

    what is it like to be priveliged?

    Kind of off Subject, but kind of not; (My OPINION based off of Gospel) Many Evangelists Here in America are Rolling in Money, living EXTREMELY privileged lives, claiming its what GOD wants. That is contrary to what Jesus teaches. I have made a significant amount of money in my life, but you...
  6. Mikhal


    🤣🤣🤣... This is the First Movie I thought of. I LOVE when the blind guy lights the Monsters Thumb 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Mikhal


    I Have a lot of them. NO, im not condemned because of them. Yes, I have repented and use them as a testimony during missions and various ministry. Luke 15:7 😊❤ I was a Biker and now I spend time in various Biker ministry's, and let me tell you, we touch ALOT of lives- Jesus Saves. GOD Bless and...
  8. Mikhal

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Studied the Bible for 20yrs, Then my peoples Havamal, The wisdom of Odin.. thoughts?
  9. Mikhal

    Christian Dating in the Digital Age

    That is terrible, ANY lies are. Im sorry you experienced that, especially from so-called leadership.
  10. Mikhal

    wishing for death

    Do you feel this way because of the Condition of the World around us?
  11. Mikhal

    Christian Dating in the Digital Age

    Sadly, I have met enough Wolves in sheeps clothing at church, I quit dating years ago so I can focus on the Lord. But if One looks at the current state of our World, its really no Surprise.
  12. Mikhal


    Yes... its Disturbing 😳. I actually had a lady come blowing through my front door one night, into my living room, yelling "Im not giving up that easy". Then proceeded to contact my young daughter for a time after that. We had dated for a short time and it was clear that it was not the direction...
  13. Mikhal

    Can backsliders come back to God?

    Jeremiah 3:22... thats exactly what i was going to share, AMEN.
  14. Mikhal

    Is it a sin to drink alcohol

    No, its clearly not... UNLESS, you have Alcoholic tendencies like me. I cannot drink alcohol, not even a drop (nor do i want to). Does the enemy use Alcohol and other substances to destroy us if they can? Absolutely. As with anything and everything, use your bible for guidance and if things get...
  15. Mikhal

    Child poverty

    Sounds very much like the U.S., to be honest.
  16. Mikhal

    Random game.

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    Random game.

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    Random game.

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    Random game.

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    Random game.