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    Christian Metal

    I just love this song. the message, the riffs, the sound. they just keep getting better and better!
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    What are you listening to?

    Loving this song from Building 429!
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    New Video / Song "Washed Away"

    Very Kind of you to say, Thank You !
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    New Video / Song "Washed Away"

    Thanks So much Magenta! Scorps. were a huge influence on both Alex & Myself!
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    New Video / Song "Washed Away"

    This was a song I wrote as I was thinking how grateful I am for what the Lord has done for me. "Washed Away" describes the moment of truly leaving this world and what that may be like As well as thankfulness that one day we will dwell with him for eternity!
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    Our God Reigns Here

    This is Awesome !! Love it, Powerful !!
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    Cover of "God With Us"

    Good catch!! No other song comes to mind with that Lyric, cool band name though!:cool:
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    Cover of "God With Us"

    Thank You !! :giggle:
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    Cover of "God With Us"

    Thank You! the vocalist is Rick Anys, the leader of our Church Worship. Im the other was very shy about recording , but is very comfortable Playing and singing live every week. has a wonderful heart for the Lord, and I believe it comes thru in his voice :) Be Blessed !
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    Cover of "God With Us"

    Always loved the message in this Mercy Me lite Rocker, Rick will be performing this live at our Church and we thought it would be fun to record it. its also on Spotify and iTunes as well :)
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    Lauren Daigle Fans?

    She is an Amazing Artist, big fan here!
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    Thank You! much appreciated :)
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    Thought I would share this one I wrote & recorded a few months back. It's really a song about observation & declaration. Not accepting what the world is demanding, but rather what the Lord is leading us to do & Believe.
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    I still listen to Petra

    Petra was life changing for me, The "More power to Ya" Album inspired me to most importantly receive salvation thru faith in Christ but to also pursue a music recording And performing Ministry. Bob Hartman has written so many incredible songs!